The 20 most amazing celeb makeovers!

Washed-up, overweight, a laughing stock and a cheesy boybander - these stars have proved that, when all else fails... reinvent yourself!
Wednesday , 09 April 2008

20. Ben Affleck
Doormat to Dad
The actor saw his career and public persona flop miserably, thanks to being one half of ‘Bennifer' with J-Lo. But he's since reinvented himself as doting family man and director.

Makeover moment:
Calling off the J-Lo engagement.

19. Kelly Osbourne
Stroppy brat to businesswoman

Reality TV show The Osbournes launched Kelly into the public eye and she developed addictions and piled on the weight. But now, Kelly is drug-free, slimmer and successful by herself.

Makeover moment:
Losing weight for Chicago.

18. Elizabeth Hurley
Bushy brows to super-sleek

Liz certainly wasn't born with the cheekbones, cutglass accent and fashion know-how that characterises her now. A former punk, with a pudgier tummy, Liz managed to claw her way to her million-dirham fortune, thanks to dating a certain British movie star.

Makeover moment:Meeting Hugh Grant.

17. Jessica Simpson

Dumb to not-so-dumber

From a Texan pastor's daughter to a queen of the red carpet, Jess has dropped the puppy fat and ditched the hideous outfits that characterised her first forays into celebrity, and now exudes a goofy charm and a killer designer wardrobe.

Makeover moment:
Starring in her own reality TV show, Newlyweds.

16. Jennifer Lopez
Dancer to diva

The big-bottomed Latina from the Bronx used to sport serious curves and some seriously frizzy hair - but nothing that marked her out from the crowd. But through sheer willpower and some amazing chemistry with Clooney in Out Of Sight, J-Lo made the transition from dancer to superstar, and from diva to doting mum.

Makeover moment:
Dating P Diddy.

15. Jake Gyllenhaal

Gawky to hottie

Jake made the leap from slightly awkward indie movie star to fully fledged ‘Hello there, hottie!' after he bulked up for his role as a soldier in Jarhead. And snaring a post-Ryan Reese Witherspoon merely added to his quiet guy allure.

Makeover moment:
Splitting from Kirsten made him more manly.

14. Demi Moore

Washed-up to washboard

By the late-90s, a post-Striptease and G.I Jane Demi couldn't get work for love nor money. Taking time out to raise her daughters, Demi was papped with plenty of cellulite and a very wobbly body - prompting speculation she was all washed-up.

Makeover moment:
Donning a bikini, aged 41, in Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle.

13. Scarlett Johansson
Bland to blonde

The precocious starlet starred in The Horse Whisperer aged just 14, to rave reviews, and emerged as a gawky, plain-brown-haired girl next door. But dying her hair Monroe-esque blonde and showcasing her curves in super-tight designer frocks - showing off plenty of décolletage - transformed her into a sexbomb.

Makeover moment:Her amazing chemistry with Bill Murray in Lost In Translation.

12. Justin Timberlake

Cheesy to sex symbol

With his perm-like curls and cheesy boyband persona, no one really knew what Britney saw in JT in his N*Sync days. But then JT went solo and started acting rather sexily - that Cry Me A River video, anyone? - and suddenly we got it.

Makeover moment:
Shaving off his enormous ‘fro.

11. Daniel Craig
Rugged to ripped

It was Brit TV series, Our Friends In The North that showcased Dan as a bit of alright, with 2004's Layer Cake bringing his hotness to international audiences (and Sienna Miller).

Makeover moment:Emerging from the ocean in Casino Royale in those blue trunks.

10. Angelina Jolie
Rebel to earth mother

Angelina Jolie A Hollywood wildchild, Angelina celebrated her 2000 Oscar by snogging her brother and then jumping into a pool at an afterparty, fully clothed. But after she adopted seven-month-old Maddox in 2002 and met Brad in 2005, Ange distanced herself from her bad girl past.

Makeover moment:Adopting Maddox in 2002.

9. Jennifer Aniston
Nondescript to superstar

Looking at early pics of Jen, you would never believe she could have turned into the super-slim, perfect-nosed red carpet goddess she is now. With her nondescript hair, casual style, chubby frame and Greek nose, it took a hit show with studio heads instructing her to lose weight to turn Jen into a star.

Makeover moment:
The ‘Rachel cut' hairdo she had on Friends.

8. Sarah Larson
Dangerous to demure

Standing demurely by George's side at this year's Oscars, you'd be forgiven for thinking that butter wouldn't melt in Sarah's mouth. But recent revelations and pics of the former Vegas waitress paint her as a wild party girl whose job as a VIP hostess at a Vegas club meant it was her job to make sure the clients had a great time.

Makeover moment:
Catching the eye of George in a Vegas bar.

7. Janet Jackson
Fat to thin again

Janet's weight battles have become almost as famous as she is, but the latest pics of the tiny-waisted singer, show just how far Janet has come from that enormous weight gain for her non-existent movie role.

Makeover moment:
Getting engaged to her man.

6. K-Fed
Party Boy to saviour

The man the world loved to hate was blamed for the demise of Britney, but it was only when her problems came to light that there was sympathy for the hard-partying dancer who has now reinvented himself as a good dad.

Makeover moment:Stopping a sick Britney from visiting her sons.

5. Sophie Dahl
Curvy sensation to waif

Sophie Dahl Hailed as the antidote to years of waif-like models on the runway, size 16 Sophie sashayed down the catwalk to thunderous applause - but a dramatic weight loss was around the corner and Soph whittled herself down to a tiny size six.

Makeover moment:Being looked down upon backstage by the size zero models.

4. Carla Bruni
Rock chick to lady
Carla's demure wife act isn't fooling anyone who knows that the ex-supermodel carried on with Mick Jagger behind Jerry Hall's back and once ditched a father to date his son; but as French President Nicolas Sarkozy's wife, she's now all low heels and sensible outfits.

Makeover moment:
Becoming the First Lady of France.

3. Katie Holmes
Girl next door to style icon

The Joey Potter-era Katie was all sensible jeans and big jumpers, until she met and married Tom Cruise. Now a Hollywood style icon - with Victoria Beckham apparently to thank in part for her new look - Katie battles to stay as skinny as possible, looking far more gaunt than Joey would have liked.
Makeover moment:
Marrying Tom Cruise.

2. Victoria Beckham
Healthy to obsessive

Although she insists her ridiculously tiny frame is her "normal weight", early shots of a chubby-faced Posh prove otherwise. Now based in LA, Victoria is said to live on plain, steamed vegetables and edamame.

Makeover moment:
Losing the babyweight after the birth of Brooklyn in 1999 in six weeks.

1. Nicole Richie
Wildchild to model mum

The ultimate Hollywood wildchild, Nicole has been arrested for possession of heroin, charged with DUI and has admitted smoking drugs and abusing prescription drugs - she also famously served 82 minutes behind bars. But with Joel at her side, Nicole is now a new mum who has thrown herself into her charity work.

Makeover moment:
Getting pregnant with baby daughter, Harlow.