15 Skinny Celebrity Secrets

27 Aug 2012
By Ahlanlive.com

The simple tips and tricks that T'Town's hottest stars, from Jessica Alba to Heidi Klum, use to stay slim

They don’t stay skinny by accident, you know. Hollywood’s hottest properties spend their lives fighting the flab, but forget low-fat options or diet drinks – they wouldn’t touch them. T’Town’s top earners have evolved beyond traditional diets in favour of secret tips and tricks, handed down to them by their overpaid trainers and nutritionists. And now us mere mortals can try them too… for free! Check out Ahlan!’s top 15 skinny celebrity secrets.

1 No Diet Drinks
Jessica Alba and Paris Hilton dodge diet drinks in favour of occasional full fat treats. In Paris’ words, “Diet Coke is just for fat people.” And she could be right. There’s evidence to suggest that every can of diet soda you drink doubles your risk of being overweight because fizz fans tend to eat more after sipping low-cal alternatives. So there. Who knew Paris was so smart?

2 Soak in Epsom Salts
Celebrities like to wash away the pounds before a big shoot by lazing in a bath of the pharmacist’s favourite cheap beauty trick, epsom salts. The magnesium sulphate draws fluids out of your body and it’s a trick that Heidi Klum swears by. This has to be the easiest slimming trick ever – we’ll see you at the chemist!

3 Eat Breakfast
It’s an old one but it seems that breakfast is still the most important meal of the day. Carrie Underwood is a tiny size six and says, “I’ve got one rule. Never skip breakfast.” Go for a protein bar, eggs or porridge – all equally effective ways to kick start your day. Just stay away from sweet cereals. A US study found breakfast cereal sweetened with sugar left overweight participants hungry before lunchtime, while egg-eaters stayed full.

4 Go Veggie
Alicia Silverstone swears this is how she got into her Batgirl suit and still stays slim. The yummy mummy said, “You don’t have to have a diet mentality at all if you eat healthy, plant-based foods.” She also reveals, “You should add more kale and Swiss chard to your diet,” and boasts, “look at my skin. It works wonders. All you need to do is eat wholegrains or plant-based foods.” OK, OK, we will. Enough already.

5 Limit Your Carbs
What we wouldn’t give for a body like Rihanna’s. I mean, we wouldn’t flash the flesh so much, obviously, but we’d totally like to know what she eats. Luckily she’s happy to share, revealing, “My diet includes veggies, egg whites, and fruit as snacks, plus shed-loads of water. Carbs are the enemy.” Aren’t they always. Boring, but it looks like it works. Anyone for an omelette? Or three?

6 Try a Mini Sugar Fix
We’ve heard there’s a Hollywood cake shop that the skinny stars love. But instead of getting a big sticky slice at Sweet Lady Jane bakery, they opt for a tiny cone of just the icing. And the staff don’t even laugh. Until they’ve left the building. It’s clearly madness but we like their work. The icing’s the best bit anyway.

7 Create a Sweet Treat Alternative
Let’s face it, sometimes we all need something sweet, but the likes of Demi Moore don’t dive headfirst into a tub of ice cream when a craving strikes. That would be madness, obviously. Instead, she snacks on apple slices with peanut butter. The fruit gives the sugar hit while the protein keeps you fuller for longer. And it’s tasty too. Kind of.

8 Turn Water into Broth
Everyone knows that water is a great appetite suppressant, but it can get seriously boring. Luckily, Beyoncé and J-Lo got on the case – or should we say their team of nutritionists did – and discovered stocks and broths were much more tasty. Just add a chicken or vegetable stock cube to hot water for an amazing 20-calorie soup. Filling and strangely satisfying.

9 Vinegar Shots
Sometimes fighting fat isn’t fun. And for those times, there is apple vinegar. Apparently, Fergie knocks back shots of vinegar before every meal to curb cravings. She says, “It has to be organic apple cider, unfiltered. Two tablespoons. For some reason, I’ve noticed a difference on my stomach.”

10 Coconut Oil on Everything
Miranda Kerr is annoyingly perfect. And she’s married to Orlando Bloom. Her secret? Coconut oil on everything. Apparently, the Victoria’s Secret stunner admits, “I personally take four teaspoons per day, either on my salads, in my cooking or in my cups of green tea.” We might drink it.

11 Have a Midnight Feast
Eating after 7pm is generally a no-no but Kelly Osbourne disagrees. The now-slim star says, “a little bit of something that has no carbs and no sugar in it before you go to sleep because it keeps your metabolism going. They say you should never eat before you go to bed, but I’ve found just having a tiny little snack — like half an apple or something like that — before you go to sleep really helps.” Sounds like guaranteed indigestion to us.

12 Learn to Love Sushi
Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson swear by fish to stay slim, in particular sushi. Kate moans that when she was trying to shift her pregnancy pounds the “tabloids were tough on me, but I ate well and exercised. The weight just came off. Now I have no issues with my body. I don’t have time in life to worry about it.” Just stick to sashimi and stay away from the rice and you’re good to go.

13 Try Tiny Tools
Liz Hurley’s 47 and still models her own swimwear collection. Her secret? A really small plate, it would seem. The stunning star apparently keeps her figure in check by eating teeny, tiny portions with teeny, tiny tools. Liz says it’s the only way to control herself because she’s naturally greedy, and, “there is a huge change in your metabolism after 40.” Genius, Liz, genius. Pass the side plate.

14 “Forgetting” to Eat
Fancy Diane Kruger’s figure? Er, yes please. Her secret? She just doesn’t think about food, apparently. “I do watch what I eat, but not for weight reasons. It will sound really pretentious, but when I am really busy I forget to eat.” How long for, Diane? A month? A year? We’re pretty sure you don’t get that skinny just by missing the odd meal. And, yes, it does sound really pretentious.

15 Get Sniffing
Apparently, grapefruit oil gives off a smell that positively impacts liver enzymes and promotes weight loss.
Studies show that animals exposed to grapefruit scent for 15 minutes three-times a day showed a reduction in appetite and body weight, and Carmen Electra can’t get enough of it. Apparently she carries vials of the oil with her for hunger emergencies.

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