14-year-old Sharjah school girl death: Motive revealed

The reasons behind the shocking suicide have emerged...
ByHend FadelTuesday , 17 November 2015
14-year-old Sharjah school girl death: Motive revealed
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The Sharjah student who committed suicide feared poor marks at school

It was recently reported that a Sharjah student had committed suicide after she returned home from school for unknown reasons. Now, new details have emerged regarding the death of the young girl.

The 14-year-old girl was a student in the 10th grade of Sharjah Delhi Private School, and was reportedly doing just fine. According to the school principal, the girl was social and happy and was a good student who completed her work on time. However, new reports have stated otherwise.

According to Khaleej Times, the girl was upset because she was asked to call her parents to school after not performing well in her exams. A family friend said that police were able to find a message she sent to one of her friends regarding the ordeal."Apparently, she wrote that she did not know how to face her parents as her exams had gone wrong, it is not because her parents would shout at her for that. They are not of that nature....But she was ashamed about the embarrassment she will cause when they are called to school," the source said.

However, according to an insider, the family is not blaming the teachers for what happened, because they understand that teachers sometimes have to take such measures when a student does not perform well in an exam. 

What a horrible situation. Our thoughts are with her family and friends. 

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