137 Beggars Have Been Arrested In The UAE

The police are urging residents to report begging
ByAndre NevelingMonday , 04 June 2018
137 Beggars Have Been Arrested In The UAE
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So far, 137 beggars have been arrested since the launch of an anti-begging campaign by authorities in Sharjah and Ajman, according to officials.

The “Combat Begging & Help Indigents” campaign kicked off during the start of Ramadan and aims to cut down on begging in the country.

Colonel Ebrahim Al Ajel, director of the Criminal and Investigation Department in Sharjah Police, confirmed that 113 beggars were arrested in the emirate of Sharjah. Sharjah residents are being asked to report what is being described as “seasonal begging”. Beggars take advantage of the Ramadan period when they go to mosques, banks and residential areas to ask people for money.

 “The aim of this campaign is to encourage the public to cooperate with the police and protect the emirate,” he said.

Back in Ajman, police arrested 24 people for begging following raids in the emirate. Ajman Police have since deported some of the suspects.

Major Ahmad Saeed Al Nuaimi, Director of Ajman Criminal and Investigation Department, said: “People who have limited resources or face difficult situations in the UAE can contact any of the authorised charity and humanitarian organisations, who will study their individual cases and offer them help in a legal and safe manner.”

Sharjah residents can call 901 and hotline number 800 40 and report instances of begging. Residents in Ajman can call dedicated number 06 703 4310.

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