12 Questions with... Sam aka "Nugget" from Dance FM

12 Questions with... Sam aka "Nugget" from Dance FM

17 Sep 2019

Dance FM breakfast show host Nugget (@nuggetintheam) is the guy that gets us grooving in the morning

The best thing about living in the UAE is…. Everyone is so friendly! 

Originally, I’m from…. The United States.

My favourite karaoke jam is….. OutKast – Roses. 

In my spare time, I like to…. Call random phone numbers and ask people if they are my dad.

If you follow one person on Instagram…. Make sure it’s my co-host @Jade_Worsley.

My biggest fear is…. Having an existential crises of consciousness and compromising my sanity and well-being... also spiders.

On social media, I like to post about.... My friends and the hilarious things they do.

My all-time celebrity crush is… Anna Kendrick.

The messiest person I know is… My brother, he leaves candy wrappers everywhere.

The most interesting thing I’ve read or seen this week is… A group of Pug dogs is called a “grumble”.

I’d like to be remembered for…. Always ordering two entrees at restaurants.

One place I’d still like to visit is… The UK! I still haven’t been.