12 Questions with… Sabine Khoury

13 Jul 2019

Instagram’s @sabineonthego is all about food, and er, Zac Efron

The best thing about living in the UAE is…. Food! Due to the diversity of cultures here, there’s a big variety of restaurants where you can enjoy a good meal at, which makes you feel you’ve already travelled around the world.

Originally, I’m from…. Lebanon. A beautiful country that I will always call home.

My favourite karaoke jam is….. I Want It That Way, by the Backstreet Boys. When we were in school, my brother and I used to do a dance off to this song.

In my spare time, I like to….  Shake it and bake it. I’m a foodie with a passion for cooking and baking. It’s something that makes me feel happy and at peace.

If you follow one person on Instagram…. Me! I’m always spreading positive vibes, yummy food pictures and easy to do recipes. So what are you waiting for?

My biggest fear is…..Skydiving. I’m afraid of heights and adventurous sports. Maybe someday I will change my mind? Nah!

On social media, I like to post about.... Food and more food! It’s a passion that I took from my dad since I was a little girl. He used to prepare a feast on Sundays with dishes made of weird ingredients that tasted perfectly delicious together.

My all-time celebrity crush is… Zac Efron. Since his movie 17 Again, I fell in love with his acting and personality. And who hasn’t watched High School Musical? I still get goose bumps when listening to their music.

The messiest person I know is… my husband. It was a challenge, but, month after month I was able to convert him to a kind-of neat person.

The most interesting thing I’ve read or seen this week is… Yoga in a salt room. I love yoga. It’s a total mind and body workout for me. And doing it in a salt room built out of pink Himalayan salt was very therapeutic and healing.

I’d like to be remembered for…. My laugh. I’m someone who always tries to spread positivity amongst my friends and people I meet. Laughter is the best remedy, along with some yoga sessions.

One place I’d still like to visit is… Tokyo, to see the cherry blossom season and experience authentic Japanese food.