12 Questions with… Olly Wood

12 Questions with… Olly Wood

14 Oct 2019

@ollywooduae is one half of multi-award winning electronic duo Hollaphonic

The best thing about living in the UAE is…. The opportunity and ambition it’s given us toward our ultimate goals. We set out to be recording artists and through the support of a network we’ve grown over the past 15+ years. We’ve exceeded what we could’ve ever expected... and the weather in the winter, the weather is about to get awesome.   

Originally, I’m from…. Southampton in the UK, the city that ruined the Titanic (if you ask my Northern Irish wife) and has produced some of the greatest British footballers in history, apparently. 

My favourite karaoke jam is….. Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby. 

In my spare time, I like to…. Cook, walk my dog and
buy sneakers.

If you follow one person on Instagram….
The Rock

My biggest fear is…. It used to be onions (I don’t trust transparent vegetables) but now it’s the safety of my family (and dog).

On social media, I like to post about.... Gigs we play, music we create, stuff we love (and my dog). 

My all-time celebrity crush is… Kate Beckinsale (The Underworld era).

The messiest person I know is… Me… or at least according to my wife. I call it displaying things, she calls it clutter.

The most interesting thing I’ve read or seen this week is… There is an electronic orchestra called Zen and at their two-hour performances, you are encouraged to lie down and meditate. I’m dubious as to whether 99% of people just fall asleep but I like the idea of that kind of chill… I think most Dubaians need that in their lives.

I’d like to be remembered for…. Globally: Writing songs that meant something to someone.

One place I’d still like to visit is… I’d like to see the The Northern lights – from a warm location.