12 questions with ITP Live influencer Maya Nawfal

09 Jun 2019

Instagram’s @mayanawfal is a self-proclaimed “wanderluster” who is bound to give you serious travel envy

Originally, I’m from… Lebanon. Batroun in the north to be more specific, we have the best beaches there!

The best thing about living in the UAE is…  The nationality mix! Over 250 nationalities all in one place that I get to interact with on a daily basis.    

My favourite karaoke jam is… For a long time, my go to karaoke song was ‘Aisha’. It’s a French and Arabic song that sure makes many people nostalgic.

In my spare time, I like to…Grab my kindle, read a book and binge watch an entire show on Netflix!

If you follow one person on Instagram, it should be…  @aggie. Aggie is a big inspiration especially to those who like to wander and explore. 

My biggest fear is… I’m scared of butterflies. Very sad but true. I have lepidopterophobia!

On social media, I like to post about… Places, cities, countries... anything that inspires people to explore our beautiful planet.

My all-time celebrity crush is… Henry Cavill. I mean he is a great actor, has a great physique and is ridiculously good looking! He is Superman after all.  

The messiest person I know is… Myself when I’m in my car. I can literally live in it! You can always find an extra pair of shoes somewhere, different gym outfits, and lotions and makeup underneath the seats.

The most interesting thing I’ve read this week is… How the bees in the hives kept in Notre Dame de Paris, survived the fire. I think that is such a beautiful miracle!

I’d like to be remembered for… Being brave. And being someone persistent who never gave up on her dreams and enjoyed life to the fullest!

One place I’d still like to visit is… The list is endless but if I had to pick one, it would be Hallstat, Austria!