12 questions with... Basma Styles

12 questions with... Basma Styles

22 Jun 2019

We get to know lifestyle blogger and influencer @basmastyles a little better

Originally, I’m from… Kuwait 

The best thing about living in the UAE is…  Being safe and in a bustling environment. I also love how everything is open until midnight.    

My favourite karaoke jam is… Hello by Adele since I love singing high notes with Adele. I bet I put that in your head now.

In my spare time, I like to… Read, read and read more. I also like to hang out with my friends, they’re okay too.

If you follow one person on Instagram, it should be… When I need some creative inspo, Kylie Jenner for sure. 

My biggest fear is… The beach. I can’t swim to save my life. No beach life for me.

On social media, I like to post about… Fashion, lifestyle, and everything that could put a smile on someone’s face.

My all-time celebrity crush is… Sami Slimani, a lifestyle and fashion blogger, just because he posts nineties style pictures and it definitely looks good on him!  

The messiest person I know is… One of my friends. She is by far the messiest person I know. There is always stuff everywhere, and I can’t deal.

The most interesting thing I’ve read this week is… I recently bought ‘The subtle art of not giving a ****’, and it’s been going pretty well I must say…

I’d like to be remembered for… Someone who makes everyone smile even through tough times. Nothing is more beautiful than to love and be loved.

One place I’d still like to visit is… I would like to visit Paris, the city of lights and love. It’s my ultimate dream.