10 Ways to Chill Out in Dubai

Check out the coolest things to do in Dubai this summer. Enjoy!
Monday , 06 August 2012
Make like Posh with some ski lessons in Dubai
Make like Posh with some ski lessons in Dubai
Dubai Ice Rink
Dubai Ice Rink
Miley loves a gym class!
Miley loves a gym class!
Dolphins Essex-style
Dolphins Essex-style
This is rather fun, Charles,
thought Camilla
This is rather fun, Charles, thought Camilla
Gwen loves a good read... Wonder if she would join the Dubai group?
Gwen loves a good read... Wonder if she would join the Dubai group?
Mall of the Emirates
Mall of the Emirates
Dubai Flea Market
Dubai Flea Market
The Dubai Aquarium
The Dubai Aquarium
Gaga loves a games night with LiLo!
Gaga loves a games night with LiLo!

There’s no denying it’s getting pretty toasty outside. But we don’t all have the luxury of escaping to cooler climes when the heat hits. Luckily, if you’re clever, there’s plenty of temperature-controlled fun to be had right on our doorsteps. It’s time to think outside the box, people, and make like the celebs with these fun temperature-friendly pursuits!

1 Take a Ski Lesson
The gym can be so dull sometimes, but why bother when there are so many other fun ways to stay in shape, like skiing! Hit Ski Dubai for a lesson or just power down the slopes by yourself if you’re a pro, and you’ve got a great weekend workout with a much-needed blast of cold air. Perfect!
INFO: Ski slope day pass, Dhs300, Ski Dubai, Mall of the Emirates; 800-Fun, www.skidxb.com.

2 Learn how to Ice Skate
What better time to learn a new skill? Summer’s the perfect opportunity to master something flash to show your mates when they get back from their holidays. So why not book in for some ice skating lessons and keep cool while you do it? Win-win.
INFO: Ice skating classes, Dhs550 for five, Dubai Ice Rink, The Dubai Mall, 04 448 5111, www.dubaiicerink.com.

3 Join an Exercise Class
Already fearing winter bikini season and determined to do something about it? Or maybe you’re after an exercise class to join on the down-low so you can wow everyone with your amazing new physique once summer is over? Either way, there’s an excellent variety to pick from.
INFO: Log onto www.ahlanlive.com/health to see what classes are up for grabs over the summer.

4 Meet The Dolphins at Atlantis
Stay in the water and beat the heat this summer with a celeb-inspired trip to Dolphin Bay at Atlantis. If it’s good enough for Kim Kardashian, it’ll do for us. The 30 minute experience allows you to touch, kiss and dance with the dolphins. Flipper and his friends must have been delighted when Kim turned up covered in lip gloss.
INFO: Dolphin Encounter, Dhs595 including Aquaventure until 30 September, Atlantis, 04 426 1030, www.atlantisthepalm.com.

5 Get Creative
Spent one too many quiet Saturdays watching that scene from Ghost and suddenly developed an interest in pottery? Us too. Luckily, Café Ceramique is here to turn our dreams into reality. Well, almost –  just replace Patrick Swayze with an enthusiastic waiter (not literally, please) and the potter’s wheel with a lump of clay and you’re good to go.
INFO: Café Ceramique, Town Centre Mall, Jumeirah, 04 344 7331, www.cafeceramique.ae.

6 Join a Book Club
If you love to read and your hubby, or besties, are less than enthusiastic, you need to hook up with some fellow bookworms. Especially now that it’s too hot to venture outdoors. Downtown’s Gérard Café is the current cool place to go. Just check their Facebook page ahead of time to find out when like-minded readers are meeting next and which book you’ll need to read. Or you’ll look a bit daft.
INFO: Gérard Café’s Club, Gerard Patisserie, Downtown Dubai, www.facebook.com/gerardcafe.

7 Master Mall Walking
In Dubai, there’s one thing we’re not short of – malls! And where better to get some exercise during the summer months if you like to window shop as you work out? Plus, it’s free to join and the shops are closed, so you won’t be tempted to spend any money as you whip yourself into shape. Don’t forget to call ahead to find out where the MWs are meeting.
INFO: Mall Walkers, 8.30am week days, Mall of the Emirates, 04 409 9000, www.malloftheemirates.com.

8 Sort out Your Wardrobe!
If you want to kill some downtime, and make getting dressed much easier, why not tackle your wasteland of a wardrobe? One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure, as they say.
INFO: Dubai Flea Market, Dhs250 per stall, max Dhs3 entrance fee for visitors, www.dubai-fleamarket.com.

9 Dive With Sharks at The Dubai aquarium
If you’ve ever strolled past the aquarium in The Dubai Mall and fancied some underwater action, now’s your big chance. All equipment is provided but age and medical restrictions do apply.
INFO: The Dubai Aquarium, The Dubai Mall, 04 342 2993, www.thedubaiaquarium.com.

10 Host a Games Night
If you, like us, harbour a secret love of board games, it’s time to bore your friends with them. Trust us, they’ll totally be up for it over the quiet months. Especially if you promise them canapés. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even host a themed night. Don’t tell us you didn’t always want to dress up as Miss Scarlett. Or were you more of a Professor Plum? Each to their own.
INFO: Games from Hamleys, The Dubai Mall, 04 339 8889, www.thedubaimall.com.

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