10 Things You Need to Know About Peter Pan The Never Ending Story

Stage Epic Peter Pan The Never Ending Story is flying into Dubai! Here are some fascinating facts
BySarah SwainWednesday , 26 February 2014
10 Things You Need to Know About Peter Pan The Never Ending Story
The Stars of Peter Pan

Stage show Peter Pan The Never Ending Story's coming to Dubai later this month. With huge sets, flying without the use of wires and a pop and classical soundtrack, it's set to be a big hit. Lebanese star Myriam Fares's been lined up to play Tinker Bell in Dubai, too. Here's heaps more things you need to know!

1. The auditions called for imagination
Actor Sandor Sturb, who plays Peter Pan, said: “I went in and there was a cup in the middle of the room. The only thing the producers said to me was: “Sing your song and do something with the cup.” So I went with my instincts and focused on the cup. I pretended it was Tinker Bell and sang a love song to it.”

2. Peter Pan’s Learning Arabic
There is a moment when Peter Pan asks everybody to stand up, clap their hands and say: “I believe in fairies.” He'll learn how to say it in Arabic for Dubai, as he already knows how to say it in Japanese, Russian and Turkish.

3 Peter Pan and Wendy are getting married
Peter Pan and Wendy are a couple on stage and also in real life. Sandor Sturbl proposed to Lilly-Jane Young on stage in her home town of Glasgow.

4 Wendy was meant to be
Sandor Sturb, said: “I was supposed to sing duets with five different possible Wendys. The first was Lilly-Jane. After we sang, the producers said to her, 'Welcome on board. We have our Wendy and Peter!' That was amazing.”

5 Flying high in Dubai
It will be the first time that harness-free flying is staged in Dubai. Peter Pan takes to the air thanks to a huge diesel modified turbine that blows wind up to 250km per hour. It's technology that's been developed for astronats. Other actors do use harnesses, and must train on bungee ropes.

6 Peter's looking good for his age
Peter Pan is than 100 years old but he will always be the boy that never grows up. The character appeared for the first time in Jamie Barrie’s 1902 novel, The Little White Bird. He was then immortalized in the stage play Peter Pan or the Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up, which was performed for the first time in December 1904 in London, and still serves as the blueprint for the many  stage and film adaptations.

7 Wendy’s an inspiration
After JM Barrie’s first novel came our, Wendy became a popular girl’s name in USA and UK. Wendy was also the reason Lilly-Jane Young, the actress playing Wendy in the show, got into the theatre in the first place. “Girls connect with the fact that she’s vulnerable. She has fallen in love with a strange boy she wants to save – and every girl has done that!” she says.

8 Peter Pan’s Big Secret
In 1929 JM Barrie gave all the rights to his book Peter Pan to Great Osmond Street Hospital in London. Ever since, the hospital has received royalties every time the play is performed, as well from the sale of books and other products. Barrie requested that the amount raised from Peter Pan should never be revealed, and the hospital has always honoured his wishes.

9 Getting into character
In Europe lots of children have attended the show dressed as Peter Pan, Wendy or Tinker Bell. Wonder what costumes Dubai crowds will come up with?

10 15 is a magic number
When Geert Allaert devised Peter Pan The Never Ending Story, he had no idea that the adventure would take the show to 15 major European cities. Lilly Jane who plays Wendy was 15 when she started to study to be an actress.

INFO: From Dhs195-Dhs1295, 5-13 March, 3pm and 7pm, Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, www.platinumlist.ae

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