10 reasons to see Jennifer Lopez live in Dubai

As if you even need 10 reasons to go to the concert
ByAndre NevelingWednesday , 21 June 2017
10 reasons to see Jennifer Lopez live in Dubai
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J-Lo is headed to Dubai

She's a living legend

With global record sales exceeding 80 million, J-Lo is considered as the most influential Hispanic performer in the world, and is the highest paid Latin entertainer. So you’ll basically be seeing a legend.

Dance routines for daaaaays

Even if you’ve only seen her music videos, you know she’s not just going to stand there and sing. Best you learn the choreography and join the party.

She has amazing hair

Okay, perhaps not one of the most important reasons, but after all the years of hair envy she’s given us, we’re excited to see her luscious locks bouncing in the flesh.

Waiting For Tonight

This song takes us back almost two decades ago when we were copying her moves on MTV, and it’s still our jam. Now we can all pretend to be in the music video with her, while watching her!

You might spot her boyfriend

Again, not the most important, but we wouldn’t mind spotting her latest beau, football star Alex Rodriquez, in the front row.

She’s actually really funny

We’ve seen enough interviews to know that Jen has a sense of humour. We can definitely imagine her cracking a few jokes on stage. LOL.

She sings LIVE!

Unlike many tourists artists who lip-sync (hello, Britney), J-Lo actually sings live during her concerts. Gurl has some pipes on her.

You’ll be seeing a movie star, too (double whammy)

Besides selling millions of albums, she’s also a famous film star with a cumulative film gross of over US$2.89 billion. It’s like attending the Grammy’s and the Oscars in one night.

Even Mariah is jealous of her

Mimi is one of the most famous and successful voices of our time, yet she still “claims” to not know who J-Lo is. Mariah might not know her, but we certainly do. And we CAN’T WAIT for the show!

INFO: 17 November 2017, Autism Rocks Arena, Dubai. For tickets, visit www.800tickets.com

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