10 Most Shocking Stories Of 2011

21 Dec 2011
By Ahlanlive.com

2011 has been a year full of drama, from cheating husbands and baby scandals to celebs behind bars, and don't forget the odd public breakdown! Here is our top pick of stories that shocked that world

1. Kim K Wedding Hoax
The most ridiculous publicity stunt of the year award goes to Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries for their 72 day marriage. The ceremony was dubbed ‘Hollywood’s royal wedding’ and was one of the most expensive weddings of all time, but the reality TV star filed for divorce after just 72 days, claiming they had grown apart, leaving basketball player Kris supposedly devastated. The pair both made a huge amount of money off the event.

2. Arnie’s Love Child
In May, Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife of 25 years, Maria Shriver split because Maria found out Arnie had fathered a secret love child with the family maid more than 10 years previously! The actor, who has four children with Maria, kept the secret for a whole decade. The maid never came forward!

3. Bieber Baby Scandal
Justin Bieber fan Mariah Yeater claimed that Justin was the father of her five-month-old son, saying they got physical backstage after one of the pop star’s concerts. Justin strongly denied the reports but he agreed to the DNA test when Mariah got the law involved. But Mariah revoked her suit against the singer after he said he would countersue if the results came back negative.

4. Chris Brown's Breakdown
TV shows seems to have a way of bringing out the worst in celebrities. In March Chris Brown had a meltdown straight after being interviewed on Good Morning America. According to sources in the studio, the Run It! singer exploded in rage behind the scenes and began shouting loudly in his dressing room, causing staff to call security. He then smashed a window and stormed out of the building without a shirt! This violent outburst was triggered by on-air questions from presenter Robin Roberts about the Rihanna incident.

5. Galliano’s Racist Comments
In March, John Galliano was accused of making racist comments against a woman in a bar in France. While inebriated, he reportedly accused 35-year-old Geraldine Bloch of having a “dirty face”, amongst other anti-semitic remarks. Galliano denied knowledge of the event but was subsequently fired from French fashion house Dior where he worked for 15 years, shortly before fashion week. The former Creative Director was taken to court and faced imprisonment but left with a fine.

6. J-Lo And Marc Split
In July, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony announced their separation. The world was surprised because the couple gave away no signs of being unhappy, but after seven years of marriage and two kids they called it quits. Since then, JLo has been dating her backing dancer Casper Smart who is nearly half her age! The singer is just one of several ‘cougars’ who emerged in 2011, in a new trend where ‘toyboys’ became as fashionable as handbags.

7. Nicole And Lewis Split
Nicole Scherzinger split from her boyfriend of four years Lewis Hamilton. The X Factor judge and F1 racing driver reportedly split because of differences in work commitments and plans for the future. Since then Lewis has admitted that he still loves Nicole, so perhaps we will see the beautiful couple back together in 2012.

8. Amy Winehouse's Death
On July 23, Amy Winehouse was found dead at her Camden flat in London. The sudden and unexpected death of the Back To Black singer shocked the world, and many celebrities spoke publically of their grief. She was found by her live-in bodyguard Andrew Morris, who only realised she was dead, not asleep, when she hadn’t moved from the same position for five hours. Toxicology tests following the singer’s death showed no illegal substances and the coroner called a verdict of misadventure, with the cause of death being too much alcohol.

9. Lindsay Lohan Jailed
Oops she did it again. In November, for the fifth time in five years, Lindsay Lohan was arrested and sent to jail. In February LiLo was arrested for allegedly stealing a Dhs9000 necklace. After a short stint behind bars the troubled actress was released and sentenced to serve community service. However later in November she was arrested again for lack of attendance, resulting in more jail time and – you guessed it – more community service, in a morgue this time! Let’s hope she sorts herself out in 2012.

10. Ashton Caught Cheating
Demi Moore filed for divorce after rumours circulated that Ashton Kutcher cheated on her, on the night of their six wedding anniversary! Demi tried to work it out with Ashton at first but submitted the divorce papers a month later. The ‘other woman’ Sara Leal has since claimed that sleeping with Ashton ruined her life, as she lost her job and her family refused to speak to her.