10 Minutes With Sneaky Sound System

Ahlan! Live chats to the Aussie electro house duo
Wednesday , 11 July 2012
10 Minutes With Sneaky Sound System
Sneaky Sound System's Connie and Black Angus

Dubai’s party people are in for a treat at N’Dulge tonight (12 July) from Aussie electro house duo Sneaky Sound System, aka Miss Connie Mitchell and Black Angus. We chatted to feisty fashion-forward powerhouse singer Connie before the gig and here's what she told us.

Welcome back to the UAE! You’ve performed here a few times before, what do you love so much about Dubai?
Dubai is one of the most amazing cities in the world. With the islands, the super hotels, super cars and super clubs, everything is done bigger, better and more outlandish than anywhere else. Plus with the beautiful weather, how could you not love the UAE?

You’re staying at The Atlantis again. It must feel like a second home!
Yeah, for sure! The spa here is incredible, it’s like a cavern of delights, and with the amount of things to do here you never spend time in your room, unless you’re sleeping.

How has Sneaky Sound System evolved over the years?
We are continually trying to evolve as people and in all our artistic endeavours. In some ways we’re very similar to the city of Dubai in our fearlessness to try new things and enter new frontiers. This is the future after all!

Do you think your ex-member Daimon Downey would ever reunite with you?
Never say never, but I think he’s on a different trip for the moment.

We love the crazy futuristic outfits you wear on stage. How do you choose your clothes?
Gosh, well I have a team of great stylists and designers, and I’m always on the prowl for amazing second-hand outfits.

Sneaky Sound System was formed when you were approached by Angus and Daimon in a park! Do you think you’d still be performing if that hadn’t happened?
Yes, but by no means as successfully and innovatively. Angus has inspired and helped me to become who I am. I am truly very lucky.

You play all over the world, do you ever miss home?
Not really. We are fortunate enough to travel the world and play music. It’s a dream so we never complain!

How is playing in the UAE different to other parts of the world?
It’s hot, hot, hot! And those Sandance beach parties, well, they really are something else!

What’s influenced your latest album From Here to Anywhere?
Travelling, love, Nineties house, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, the sun, George Orwell, hotel rooms and our musical friends.

INFO: Sneaky Sound System, 9pm to 3am, Thursday 12 July; N’Dulge, Atlantis The Palm, Dubai; 04 426 0561, www.atlantisthepalm.com, www.sneakysoundsystem.com.

UPDATE: Sneaky Sound System will not be playing at N'Dulge tonight as a delayed flight caused them to miss their connection to the UAE. The band tweeted, "So gutted but we will NOT be in Dubai tonight. So sorry!"

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