10 Minutes with Al Murray

The pub landlord is back with his new The Only Way is Epic tour this September. Here's what to expect from the man
Monday , 03 September 2012
10 Minutes with Al Murray
Al Murray does his thing on the red rug

Al Murray, the infamous pub landlord, is back with an epic new show, which comes to Dubai this week! We chatted to the comedian ahead of his gig.

We can’t wait to see your show! Have you got any surprises for us?
Well it’s an entirely new show. Anyone that came to see me before won’t see any of the same material, let’s put it that way. The show includes all sorts of things: solving the greatest riddle ever put before mankind, saving civilisation from itself… small things, then! We also deal with all sorts of important issues like the delicate balance between men and women in the world.

Do you get tired of playing the same character?
No, what happens is you get tired of the set of material. It’s almost like saying to Jack Dee – ‘when you gonna cheer up?’ or saying to Michael McIntyre, ‘when you gonna do a surrealist set instead of an observational one?’ It’s the voice I’ve developed for doing stand-up, so I just go and write another two hour set!

You’re an Oxbridge graduate so you must be quite clever?
[Laughs] I must be but maybe I’m not! Being a student inspired me to get into comedy because being a student means getting up at lunchtime and doing what you like. Stand-up comedy gives you a great opportunity to maintain the lifestyle. The problem is, if you want to earn a living you have to work really hard!

What was the last thing that made you laugh?
When they had the Queen and James Bond parachuting into the Olympic Stadium! I’ve met the Queen. What happens is, you’re stood there saying ‘yeah, yeah, it’s just the Queen, whatever’ and then she appears in front of you and the next thing you know you’re bowing and saying things like, ‘Thank you Maam’. I’ve seen men curtsey!

We hear you’re a Spice Girls fan. Is that true?
[Laughs] No, not particularly. I’ve interviewed several of them and they’re all lovely people to meet, but at the time I was entirely mystified by the phenomenon when it came along. They were a tipping point in UK pop music. They’re a mega-important band.

If you could go for a drink with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be?
I’d go for a drink with Winston Churchill. I’d sit and listen to him talk, because he talked beautifully and also he was an epic drinker!

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve been sent?
I was sent a postcard with an address on it that said, in very peculiar handwriting, ‘I need to you come 'round to this flat and make love to me’!

INFO: Dhs250, www.timeouttickets.com; Tuesday 11 to Friday 14 September, The First Group Theatre, Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai; www.doneevents.com.

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