10 Easy Steps to Perfect Crispy Skinned Fish with Top Aussie Chef

10 Easy Steps to Perfect Crispy Skinned Fish with Top Aussie Chef

20 Aug 2013

Jones the grocer executive chef James McCall visits Doha to pass on some gourmet goodness

As a well-known Aussie chef, James McCall has cooked for a who’s who that includes celebs like Rihanna and Jamiroquai. So when he visited Doha this week to give a master class at Jones the grocer, we couldn’t resist getting some tips. James, who is based at Jones’ Sydney operation as an executive chef, gave us the skinny on how to ensure your fish dishes are out of this world:

James McCall’s Perfect Crispy Skinned Fillet of Fish
(In 10 easy steps)

  1.  When removing fish from the fridge, keep the fish at room temperature for around 10 minutes before cooking.
  2. Use vegetable oil, not olive oil, as it works better at a higher heat.
  3. Salt the skin of the fish well to ensure a crispy skin
  4. The pan is ready when you get wisps of smoke appearing around the outside
  5. Place your salted fish skin side down in the pan and sear on a medium heat
  6. The fish is ready for the oven when the sides of the fish turn white
  7. Place the fish in the oven skin side down at around 200C for 6-10 minutes
  8. To check if the fish is ready, gently press down on the side of the fillet – the flesh should gently come apart
  9. Flip the fish
  10. Serve and enjoy!