“We’re Not Engaged” Says Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger spills all on her relationships and taking Cheryl Cole’s role on the US X Factor
Tuesday , 26 July 2011
Nicole Scherzinger
Nicole Scherzinger
Lewis Hamilton of Great Britain and McLaren Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton of Great Britain and McLaren Mercedes
Nicole Scherzinger
Nicole Scherzinger
The Pussycat Dolls
The Pussycat Dolls

Last week her father excitedly announced she was engaged to her man of four years Lewis Hamilton, yet determined to calm the excitement Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger sadly tells us it’s not true, “Lewis and I woke up this morning and read we were engaged! Sorry to disappoint you all but it’s not true.” Adding, “Just to reaffirm, Alfonso [my dad] was misquoted... Lewis and I are not engaged. But thanks for the love and support!”

It was Nicole’s dad Alfonso Valiente who accidently announced the couple’s engagement last week, insisting, “Yes they are engaged. My future son-in-law is a really nice guy, really down to earth. My family all like him.” While his revelation may have been incorrect Nicole admits she hasn’t ruled out marriage just yet, admitting, “Do I see us getting married and having children? My head says yeah, but I’m really focused on my music now and I think that will come in time.”

She even admits she one day hopes to start a family with the Formula One ace, insisting, “I think I’ll be really strict like my momma, maybe even worse. I won’t let my children out of the house! I’ll make them listen to classical music.”

With Nicole in LA and Lewis based in Switzerland, she tells us the long-distance relationship can be straining. “We’re always so busy, and we obviously have such demanding careers, so the time we have together means a lot to us,” she said. “We’re pretty simple when we’re together. We keep it very private, and we’re pretty chilled. I’m grateful the moments that I do get to see him. I’m sure we’ll work it out in the schedules like we always do. So it’s emailing and Skype is great.”

Denying the time apart makes her tempted to stray, she continued, “I don’t know how we do it but somehow we manage. We live in two different countries so it can be challenging but it makes things more interesting.”

When it comes to arguments, she jokes most of their quarrels revolve around driving. She confessed,  “We argue in the car because I didn’t know that you have to have two hands on the wheel all the time – who does that? And then sometimes I’ll let my hand kind of swoop across the wheel, depending on how I’m feeling,  but he says you have to have two hands, and do a full turn like that. He’s very safe whereas I have a heavy foot. I’m always late for everything so I’m always rushing around.”

However, it’s not all fights, Nicole admits that Lewis is a great support to her, modestly crediting him for the success of her new solo album Killer Love. “He’s great,” she gushed. “It’s satisfying to play him stuff and for him to say, ‘It’s really good, babe’ and it makes me teary eyed because he has such a great ear. He actually helped me on the sequencing of the album when I was doing that.”

It’s clear, engaged or not, that Nicole and Lewis make one great team, understanding each other’s workloads and working around each other to ensure they get the most from their relationship. One other man who has allowed the 33-year-old to enter his team is music mogul Simon Cowell, who allegedly sacked his close pal Cheryl Cole in a bid to secure megastar Nicole.

Proving she is settling into the talent show’s judging panel, which also includes Paula Abdul and La Reid, she gushes about her new colleagues, “I’m truly honoured to be part of it, I have an amazing job working with three of the most wonderful people in the world. I’m a huge fan of Paula. She’s my idol. I get to sit next to her and I just love her so much. Everyone on the panel is like family.”

While she is adamant she had no idea that Cheryl was being maltreated, Nicole has always made it clear that she always wanted the lofty role of X Factor judge having bonded with Simon during a brief stint in the UK when she covered for Chezza when she was hospitalised for malaria. “I put a lot of thought in to it and I know it’s a really big commitment,” she said and while there was wide spread speculation that she always knew she was set to replace Cheryl she adds, “I was very hurt by that [claim]. But it goes to show how much people don’t know.”

Though she insists she feels for Cheryl, Nicole admits she believes “everything is meant for a reason.” And when asked if she thought the British star was really sacked because of her accent she played it safe, saying, “I think that her accent is charming. It probably sounds a lot more fun and interesting to listen to her than me doing my southern slang.”

With X Factor making her a household name across the globe Nicole insists her big white wedding can wait… for now. “Everything in its time,” she spilled. “I’m focused on my career now.”

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