“I still love JLo”

Diddy comes clean about lost love
Tuesday , 15 December 2009
“I still love JLo”

SEAN 'DIDDY' COMBS will always have fond memories of the time he spent with ex-girlfriend JENNIFER LOPEZ and he often regrets their romance didn't work out.

The couple split after a high-profile club shooting incident in 2000, but Diddy insists they have remained friends.

And he's adamant they could have become showbusiness royalty if the timing had been right.

He tells Playboy magazine, "I didn't close the door all the way with (ex-girlfriend) Kim (Porter). I think that's something Jennifer felt. I was with Kim close to nine years, and I didn't have closure with it.

"I met Jennifer and it was a perfect match. We definitely loved each other... We're still cool. I'll always cherish her. There are people who come into your life that you'll always love and respect. She's definitely one of them. I feel as though we changed each other's lives."