“How I stay in shape” by Sarah Nash

Advertising Account Director Sarah Nash gets her endorphins soaring by scrumming with The Dubai Hurricanes Women’s rugby team
“How I stay in shape” by Sarah Nash
Ready to whip up a storm

My Fitness Fix

“Having grown up in the UK I had watched a couple of rugby games but didn’t personally have much exposure to the game until I moved to Dubai. A friend suggested I give it a go for some extra fitness and as an additional channel to vent my competitive streak. I’ve always loved team sports and had been looking to get involved in something new here. The Dubai Hurricanes Ladies train on Monday and Wednesday nights from 6.30pm to 8pm at The Sevens on Al Ain Road and play games most weekends. Pre-season training includes four workouts a week to help boost fitness.”

Why I Love It

“I love the feeling of camaraderie and competitiveness that you get from rugby. The game itself is challenging but incredibly satisfying – there is nothing like the feeling of coming off the pitch having won, it’s a really unique sense of achievement. There is also an integral social aspect of its culture which allows you to make great friends at the same time.

Why You’ll Love It

“It’s an all-round workout with cardio and strength training. You get a tremendous adrenaline rush after playing a really hard match against tough opposition. Try it yourself by joining us for our Open Day on 9 September at the Seven’s ground from 10am to 12pm. Everyone is welcome whether they’re interested for fitness, social or competitive reasons.“

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