“How I Stay in Shape” by Janice Smith

When Spanish teacher Janice Smith wants to let her hair down, she hits the waves at Sunset Beach, Dubai
 Janice Smith
Janice Smith
 Janice Smith
Janice Smith

My Fitness Fix
We might not have the biggest waves, but we have a huge surfing community. As soon as Friday comes, the coast line is filled with surfers keen to get out in the water and catch some waves. Sunset Beach is usually the most popular beach to surf in Dubai, although there are also some places definitely worth waxing your board for in Oman. Surf Dubai Open winner Janice Smith is one of the first people to strap her board to her car and head to the beach when the sun comes up. “As soon as there are waves, I am out in the water. If I can, I will try and stay there all day,” she says. And she adds that while it’s great to hang out with your friends, the beauty of the sport is that you can just pick up your board and go.

Why I Love It
If you like a challenge, you should try surfing, says Janice: “You need to be determined, but it’s an amazing feeling to finally master it.” But it’s the freedom that the sport gives Janice that keeps her going back for more. “As soon as you hit the water you are on your own in the ocean, and that is a lovely feeling to have. I am not someone who likes to spend hours and hours inside a gym so surfing is definitely a sport suited to me.”

Why You Would Love It
If you love to workout in the sunshine this is the perfect calorie-burner for you. “It is a really fun activity. I think that when it comes to fitness you should do something you really enjoy – this way you’ll keep it up.” And while you might not be pumping weights, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be getting a great workout. Not only does it work your core, but all that paddling tones your arms too.”

Calories Burned Per Hour Surfing: 193

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