“Exercise Stopped My Panic Attacks”

Sleepless nights and panic attacks were playing havoc with Anke Visagie’s life, until fitness group the GloryGirls brought her life back on track
Anke lost four kilos with the GloryGirls. She now weighs 54 kilos.
Anke lost four kilos with the GloryGirls. She now weighs 54 kilos.
Anke weighed 58 kilos before she joined the GloryGirls
Anke weighed 58 kilos before she joined the GloryGirls

Anke’s Challenge
Living in a compound in Riyadh, this young mum-to-be would find herself constantly snacking to relieve the boredom. Carrying an excess of 24 kilos on her petite frame, Anke felt so heavy that the last thing she wanted to do was exercise. “I felt depressed at how I looked, but guilty for feeling that way as I was getting the most precious gift in return.” This worry caused her adrenalin levels to rise and she was constantly suffering from panic attacks and sleep deprivation.

“My Turning Point”
The panic attacks were becoming more regular so Anke started to research when they were happening. ‘My body was so tired from the sleep deprivation that it was generating excessive adrenalin and led to daily panic attacks.” Anke had seen two doctors who prescribed her medicine to counteract the panic attacks, but as she wanted to breastfeed she decided to take another route.

“My Slim-Down Plan”
As soon as she gave birth, Anke started working out with a personal trainer. Her PT focused on her workouts rather than her diet, so while she was burning calories, she was still consuming the same amount.

But Anke wasn’t the only person on a health kick. When she logged onto Facebook, she saw that a friend in Dubai was sporting a new physique. “She had just completed the GloryGirl programme. She looked amazing,” says Anke.

Anke and her husband then moved to Bahrain and after settling in her new city, she signed up to the GloryGirl programme. Anke had weekly Skype calls with GloryGirl owner Nadine, during which they would discuss her goals and Nadine would offer her exercise and nutritional advice. 

In addition to a robust exercise regime Anke also started eating five meals a day. She could still snack, but this time it would be an apple and almonds.

“My Life Now”
After three months, Anke hit target. No longer was she hiding away at home, but on a beach in a bikini. “I feel so healthy and haven’t had a panic attack since. “

What Worked for Anke

Positive Thinking
“I pictured myself achieving my goals. I was determined that I would reach my dream weight and I never stopped believing in myself.”

Planning My Weekly Schedule
“I made a note of everything in my diary. My family time, my studies and my gym time, and I made sure that I stuck to the schedule.”

Eating Clean
“The processed convenience foods had to go and I just followed a clean diet. I felt so much better for it.”

Setting Goals
“To make sure that my weight loss didn’t slip I set clear goals for what I wanted to achieve for the year ahead.”

Me Time
“I set aside some time each day for ‘me-time’. This is so important. It could be anything from reading, blow-drying my hair or painting my nails. It’s usually when the baby is having a nap or the toddler is at school, but it’s so important.”

Joining Glorygirls
“I love being a GloryGirl. I love the lifestyle, the support and the workouts. And I love my new body too.”

Anke’s Weekly Workout Schedule

  • Cardio Spinning and sprints three times a week.
  • Strength training Three to four times a week.