“Even Royal Babies Look Like Old Men When They are First Born!”

10 Jul 2013
By Ahlanlive.com

We ask three UAE mums what the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge can expect during the first few days of parenthood

Laetitia Tregoning, 35, from Al Safa, whose baby Charlie is three months old
“This famous tot-to-be can expect unprecedented public attention, while Kate’s experience too will be very different from the norm. For most, life in the first few weeks is all-consuming and repetitive. You feel like a hamster in a wheel; a hamster that can’t fit into any of its old clothes. Finding the time to make a cup of tea for yourself is a small victory, and forget anything more complex than that – it took me two hours to make a salad, much to the amazement of my (starving) guests! Kate, on the other hand, will have a network of pre-appointed fixers; masters of their trades who will oversee her workouts, wardrobes and sleep count, should she ever want to hand the baby over. Will she be papped going to shop at Waitrose looking pasty and arguably still pregnant? No! She will emerge looking glossy and thin, as and when appropriate. Sorry, Kim Kardashian and North West, but baby Windsor will be the most famous infant in the world, even though he or she will fight for privacy most of the time. Kim Kardashian and baby North West will have a similar experience. On an emotional level they might chime with the rest of us: elated, delighted, relieved, and exhausted. But other than that, I think both mums’ experiences will be very different from the norm.”

Alka Winter, 37, from Jumeirah Village Triangle, whose baby, Samuel Akhash Winter, is eight months old
“The most obvious thing that Kate will delve into right after delivery is breastfeeding. She’ll be amazed at how well the female body prepares for this! Sadly Reiss doesn’t carry a post-pregnancy line. But the benefits far outweigh some of the discomfort at the start with essential bonding time with the little one, especially during the night. I would also advise William to invest in a good cable TV package for her as I found myself at night watching a whole slew of shows (as milk-starved newborn can happily suckle away for almost an hour), including Bridalplasty and Keeping Up with the Kardashians as well as the Food Network during the 1am, 4am and 7am feedings. As she’ll be feeding the little prince or princess for what feels like every hour (it can range from every two to four hours), her royal aids, including the husband, will be put through their paces, so she should take this time to catch up on some much-needed sleep. The fog of the first few weeks will dissipate as she adjusts to her new life as mother.”

Harriet Type, 36, from Safa Park, whose baby, Gabriel, is 17 months old
“All babies, even future kings or queens, look like old men when they are first born, so Kate and William shouldn’t be too concerned that their bundle of joy has inherited some dubious Windsor genes. The little darlings can’t help looking a bit wrinkled after nine months in amniotic fluid, but they soon dry out and fill out, and are photo-shoot ready after a couple of weeks. Newborn babies, while being a beautiful miracle of life and utterly adorable, are also a tiny bit boring, especially for dads. They basically eat, sleep and poop, so Kate needs to understand that Wills might be quite keen to return to his helicopter when his paternity leave has finished. It’s OK, though, as dads start getting much more interested when babies can do some party tricks, like smiling and grabbing things. It is a good job that Kate doesn’t mind recycling her outfits as sadly the mummy brain phenomenon is not a myth – so soon she will not be able to remember which Whistles dress she wore to which event. Luckily Kate has staff, so she will never find herself wandering around the supermarket wondering what she went there to buy, like every other new mum on the planet does!”