‘I don't want to fail’

Cheryl Cole scared to take solo music career to US
Wednesday , 23 December 2009
‘I don't want to fail’

British singer CHERYL COLE is worried about pursuing her solo career in the US because she doesn't want to put herself "out there to fail."

The Girls Aloud star is taking a break from the band to work on her own material, recently releasing her debut 3 Words which shot to number one on the British album chart.

Cole is rumoured to be eyeing a move across the Atlantic to promote her music in the US, but admits she's not keen about launching herself in America because the music market is so notoriously difficult to conquer.

She tells Britain's Q magazine, "There's a rumble (rumour) about going over (to America). But I don't want to put myself out there to fail. It's not something I constantly think about. Does that sound weird?"

And Cole is convinced she would miss her bandmates too much if she took to the road in the U.S. on her own.

She adds, "I like being in company. That's what made me realise I wanted to be in a band... I can't be out there alone. I'm not at that point of going solo (full time) yet. The other day I was like, 'Oh God, why would you even do this when you've got four friends as a security blanket?'"