Your Top 10 Most Embarrassing Moments – OMG!

Ahead of MTV Middle East’s Awkward season two premiere, we asked you to share your most awkward moments. This is what you said...
Monday , 17 September 2012
Your Top 10 Most Embarrassing Moments – OMG!
Check our online interviews with the Awkward cast at 12pm on 19 September and find out about their funniest awkward moments

1. Del Pereira: I think I have two of those actually, can't forget them ever. The first is when I lost my bikini top while trying to display my surfing skills to impress the hottie of the class (had to cover up using my surf board!) and the recent one while at the check in counter at the airport, when the guy asked me loudly for the medical certificate permitting me to fly in my pregnant condition, except that I am not at all. Wanted the earth to open up and swallow me. Damn the Dubai stone and the Friday brunches!
Del was the winner of Ahlan!'s competition to find out your funniest awkward moment and won an Amouage women's designer fragrance!

2. Cathy Rodrigues: My most embarrassing and awkward moment was when I realised I left the shopping mall's rest room with my dress tucked into my undies. Got some weird expressions from people until I was informed by a kind lady.

3. Qais Raza: It happened when I was applying for job and my boss was standing right behind me.

4. Sally Gray: I had just moved here from Canada, and let me tell you – coming here I have never met the best chefs in the entire world! I love the food out here. Anyway, I gained a few pounds. I was at Arabian Centre and going to get coffee, when the cashier said to me, "Are you sure you want regular or would you like half and half decaf?”. I was like "WHAT", thinking how was that even a question! He was like, "You're pregnant, no?” Boy was I furious and just gleaming with fire inside! But I kept it cool and I said, "No Honey, I just know how to EAT!" with a smile on my face. He laughed so hard and said, "OH MY I AM SOO SORRY!! But you just made my day - what a response!!"

5. Melody Rodrigues:
The awkward moment when you text your friend a secret and then text the wrong person. Believe it or not, this happens a lot and not just with me.

6. Roshan Rajesh B: In our school the classes were divided as per gender. Like most teenagers, we would look forward to attending mixed classes so that we could attract attention from the boys. During one of the classes my best friend dared me to break an old unused ink pen – I accepted the challenge just to prove how strong I was. Awkward moment was when all the guys started laughing at me when they heard a loud crack and saw my face covered in ink. Not to mention I was teased all my school life.

7. Binay Sharma: The awkward moment when I told her I LOVE YOU and she said OK.

8. Frah M. Hashenas: Mine is quite embarrassing. I was at a big meeting at work with my team and the directors from the client side attending. Anyway, we're all sitting in the conference room presenting our bits when all of a sudden there was a sound - ROAR! That happened to be my stomach rumbling – basically taking revenge on me for not having eaten breakfast or drank coffee. I just froze there and had a blank expression when all the people in the meeting room turned towards me. One of the directors then said, "I suggest we all have some coffee". I wanted to disappear. It didn't help that I was up for presenting next. Worst.Day.Ever.

9. Kamal Kumar: Awkward moment when you realise you grabbed the wrong toothbrush, but it's too late and you don't know whether to stop or keep going.

10. Delaine Maria DCosta: In my university days, I had a big crush on a fellow student. Once while I was travelling home by bus (a two-hour journey), this guy happened to be in the same bus as I was and sat next to me. Oooh, I was on top on the world! We slowly began to engage in a friendly conversation and after a few minutes, he whispered slowly in my ear, "Delaine, your zip's undone".

INFO: Awkward season two premieres at midnight on Wednesday (20 September) on MTV Middle East. Catch our online interviews with the Awkward cast at 12pm on 19 September on Ahlan! Live.

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