will.i.am's Dubai Prediction: "The Next Michael Jackson Will Be from Here!"

Timbaland and will.i.am praise the UAE's rhythm as they kick off Dubai Music Week with Quincy Jones
will.i.am's Dubai Prediction: "The Next Michael Jackson Will Be from Here!"
will.i.am, Quincy Jones and Timbaland in Dubai!

As a top international producer, Timbaland has heard his fair share of music, however the hit maker was keen to praise the sound of UAE. Kicking off Dubai Music Week, with fellow producers will.i.am and the legendary Quincy Jones, he said that he believes that music from the region is much better than what he hears in America.

Timbaland dished, “The sound and rhythm of the Middle East is off the scale, we don’t have anything like that in the USA. That distinctive sound, much like the sound in Africa, is so much more rich and vibrant than what we get back home.” 

Timbaland wasn’t the only person heaping praise on the region as will.i.am agreed that the next big global music star would be from Dubai. He said: “I’m certain the next Michael Jackson or Diana Ross is gonna be from here.”

For the first time in the UAE, a platform has been created via Dubai Music Week where not only do famous musical talents entertain the crowd but also five local artists will have one shot to impress the judges in the hopes of scoring a recording deal. The star-studded press conference took place at the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray where music icon will.i.am, Quincy Jones and music guru Timbaland were present and shared their plans for Dubai Music Week.

will.i.am dressed in his typical casual attire with a pair of quirky round white sunglasses and said the trio is looking to crown the Arab crossover super talent. The three superstars will later engage in a panel discussion taking place in the World Trade Centre later today where they intend on discussing the evolution of music. After this panel, the time of judgment really comes when bands and artists nominated by Sony, Universal Music and A&R will perform in front of them hoping to win the chance to have one international hit song and music video produced through the Global Gumbo Group (G3).

The week long celebrations have only just begun! Music performances by the biggest starts, competitions to find the next big star, talks about music and so much more will be on at Dubai Music Week. Click here to check out our top guide to Dubai Music Week. 

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