Hottest Dubai World Cup Hat

With a sea of hats it's a hard pick to spot the winning design so check out who was named the Jaguar Best Hat winner for 2011

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Lady Gaga Talks Dubai Love
Upon arrival in Dubai, Lady Gaga explained her deep connection with the Emirate: "There is a strong connection, when it comes to little monsters and me, it is about much more than just the music, it is about the message. The message of equality, the message of uniqueness and strength, a message of compassion, where we support one another. And I am excited to see them, because all around the world, monsters are linked by the same message. I can't wait to give them a hug and thank them for bringing me here."
Marhaba Dubai, this is Lady Gaga!
Mother monster greets fans ahead of her Dubai gig next week
Check out the Ahlan! Gourmet Movie!!!
Gourmet Editor Jasmine Bandali nabs the starring role in our video for the best food magazine in the GCC!