Top Diet Tips with Doha Sports Nutritionist Chris Rigby

This week, Chris tells us why coconut water is such a health hit
Wednesday , 19 March 2014
Top Diet Tips with Doha Sports Nutritionist Chris Rigby

Q. All the celebrities seem to be really in to coconut water. What is it and why is it good for you? Amy, Doha

A. Coconut water is nature’s natural energy drink. It’s the hot new health drink taking the fitness world by storm. It’s good for you for several reasons – it’s low in fat, cholesterol free, low in carbohydrates and only contains naturally occurring sugars. It’s also packed full of zinc, magnesium and B vitamins – all essential for energy metabolism.  

Proven to be twice as hydrating as water, coconut water is also PH neutral, making it easy on the stomach and digestive system. There are many other health benefits attributed to the drink, including helping to keep you youthful, that haven’t been scientifically proven.

Coconut water is admittedly an acquired taste, so try a flavoured version to get you started and hydrated.

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