Springs Access Cards Approved

More security for Emirates Living Communities
Springs Access Cards Approved
Springs got more secure

Do you live at
the Springs, Lakes or Meadows? Looks like your security campaign has paid off.
Emaar now plans to install Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) at the
gates after a spate of break-ins and attempted robberies worried residents.

Neha Bali, who lives in The Meadows and spearheaded the campaign told Gulf
, “Right now, we don’t have these systems and anybody can enter
claiming to be a resident. When the new systems are in place, it will
streamline who is a visitor and who is a resident in the community. This is a
good move. On 2 August, we raised security concerns with Emaar. The outcome was
positive with an email response coming from them on definite measures to step
up security in the communities.”

Go, Neha! The email from Emaar said, “Business
owners/distribution companies who do not comply with the rules will be
contacted directly and banned from entering the communities. Quarterly
newsletters will be distributed by Emaar in the coming weeks to all the

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