Shape Personal Trainer Of The Year Finalists 2012

We asked you to find the best personal trainer in the UAE and that’s just what you did. Here are your finalists for 2012!
Lee Ryan
Lee Ryan
Candice Howe
Candice Howe
Eva Clarke
Eva Clarke
Tom Woolf
Tom Woolf
Michael Haddin
Michael Haddin

Owner of Bodycare (@leeryanptdxb)
HIS STATS: REPS LEVEL 3 in personal training, injury and repair and sports massage.
HIS PB: After losing his friend to the disease, Lee decided to help raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer. He signed up for the London Marathon and attempted to break the Guinness World Record for completing a marathon in the fastest time recorded while carrying a 20lb backpack. He missed out on the world record, but helped raise Dhs42,000 for Cancer UK. He also spoke to local TV, national newspapers and magazines about the need for men in the UAE to get themselves checked. 
HIS WORKOUT PLAN: “After getting the initial blueprint of measurements and so on, I will then ask people to give me three obtainable goals and one dream goal – such as running a marathon or climbing a mountain. I will then put together a monthly plan for them. During this month I will also raid their kitchens and mix up the locations where we workout – such as the desert or the park. I want to shake up their workout. If we are training together for a year or five, I want to keep them stimulated.”
HIS NEXT TARGET: I will run the Dubai Marathon in January, take part in an Ironman in Thailand in December 2013. I also plan to break the World Record next year at the London Marathon. I missed it by nine minutes this year. So I’m waiting to find out if they will let me try again.
PROGRESS REPORT FROM SHAPE READER: “Lee is supportive of everyone’s goals – whether that’s to finally run up a flight of stairs or to finish a marathon.”

Co-owner of Reebok CrossFit LifeSpark Gym (
HER STATS: Reps Level 3 and CrossFit Level 1.
HER PB: Opening a new box in Dubai and taking a team to the Reebok CrossFit Asia Regionals in Korea. She also trains Gulf For Good charity challengers for free every week. HER WORKOUT PLAN: “Variety is important. It’s one of the three pillars of CrossFit – function, constant variety and high intensity. When I meet someone for the first time I’ll do a mobility assessment, then I’ll find out what their goals are – lose weight, tone up... and then design a programme. Each session will include mobility, strength piece, barbell, and a workout of the day. They could be swinging a kettlebell or doing a handstand, but it would all be driving them towards their goal. I also stay competitive so I can act as a role model for other women. I think it’s good to see someone snatch 140lb.”
HER NEXT TARGET: To open boxes in two other Emirates, and is working with a college in Dubai to help build a strength and conditioning facility.
PROGRESS REPORT FROM SHAPE READER: “I’m in my mid-30s and in the best shape I have ever been in my life. I achieved so much more with Candice in one year, than the seven years I spent as a full-time member of another gym.”

Owner of HUA Fitness (
HER STATS: Military Physical Training Institute for Australia.
HER PB: After taking a year’s sabbatical from her job in the Australian Air Force, Eva, brought her army training to Abu Dhabi to launch military-style bootcamp HUA Fitness. The mother of three, showed her clients what was possible even with a busy lifestyle, as she went on to take first place in the Fittest Woman In The UAE competition this year.
HER WORKOUT PLAN: “I will find out if they have any injuries and start with a simple fitness test. I will give them this same test in six weeks to see how they’ve progressed. I will also ask them to write a food diary.  I will then ask for a big goal, and come up with smaller goals to help them get there. I aim to stop working with a client after a year. Within 12 months I should have educated them enough so they can be confident enough to work on their own.”
HER NEXT TARGET: Eva is looking at working with other gyms in the UAE and regaining her title of the Fittest Woman In The UAE.
PROGRESS REPORT FROM SHAPE READER: “She’s a great motivator and pushed me to my limits.”

Owner of PTX Performance Training ( and runs Facebook/NikeRunningMiddleEast
HIS STATS: Reps 2 and 3.
HIS PB: The ex-rugby player turned to personal training after injury made him hang up his boots. But rugby’s loss was personal training’s gain, as he arrived in Dubai to launch PTX. He then launched the Nike+ Running Club and now runs five free running clubs in Dubai and one in Abu Dhabi. He also helped organise the first ever We Run Dubai event.
HIS WORKOUT PLAN: “I want to educate people about fitness, nutrition and performance. Each one of those is as important as each other – you can be eating right, working out, but if you’re not getting enough sleep, you need to know that’s the cause. Keep things simple, but effective. We will unlock the triggers that work for you. If you enjoyed hockey at school, we’ll throw in some hockey drills too. And we will keep things fresh by going kayaking, working out in the park or beach.”
HIS NEXT TARGET: As well as launching more running clubs, Tom plans to cycle from London to Dubai to raise money for Oxfam. He hopes to raise  USD1million with
PROGRESS REPORT FROM SHAPE READER: “I had six weeks to prepare for the San Francisco women’s run. At the end of my training I was pumped and ready to go. I finished in 2hrs 13 mins and enjoyed every step. He really is my hero.”

Owner of Haddins Fitness in Abu Dhabi (
HIS STATS: BA Sports Science. Studying for a Masters in Strength & Conditioning.
HIS PB: Fresh from training the Hyderabad cricket team in India, Australian PT Michael launched the functional training studio Haddins Fitness in Abu Dhabi and Yas Island BootCamps at the F1 track. He has also run two health based initiatives at schools offering free training sessions.
HIS WORKOUT PLAN: “Instead of doing an exercise that moves one muscle, I will look at giving you exercises that work your whole body. You won’t have 10 minutes of resistance and then 10 minutes of cardio. It will be all mixed up. People train in a straight line, but you don’t play sport in a straight line. So I like to train people differently.”
HIS NEXT TARGET: Plans to launch another school health programme and open two more studios in Abu Dhabi.
PROGRESS REPORT FROM SHAPE READER: “I love his primal challenge that gives you money back with every class you attend. It motivates you to get moving!”

Next month we reveal the winner!
If your personal trainer is crowned SHAPE PT of the Year, not only will they win a stay and dinner at Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi, but you could win a treatment at ESPA at Yas Viceroy.

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