Shah Rukh's Mangalore connection

Shah Rukh's Mangalore connection

He reveals his bond with the city where the Air India plane crashed
Shah Rukh's Mangalore connection

The air crash in Mangalore yesterday (May 22) where 158 passengers lost their lives led to an emotional response from Bollywood stars. And today (May 23) Shah Rukh Khan revealed his thoughts on the tragedy and also shared his connection with Mangalore, where the crash took place.

SRK posted on his Twitter account earlier today, "It's awful when lives end so suddenly. Prayers for the families whose loved ones passed away in the plane crash."

He added, "Evil and tragedies were made by God because only in the face of them our nobler (sic) thoughts crop up. Realization of mortality makes us good."

Shah Rukh continued, "I was brought up in Mangalore. My grandfather was the engineer in chief for the mangalore port. All my childhood pics are taken there."

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