Seared Scallops

Chef Daniel Green's light and delish recipe for the Dusit Thani is now yours
Seared Scallops
Seared scallops

8 large scallops
80 ml red vino (optional)
40 ml vegetable stock
1 tbsp olive oil
1 clove garlic, crushed
6 shallots, finely diced
1 small onion, sliced

1. Boil the potatoes in salt water until soft.
2. Mash and add sautéed soft blended garlic.
3. Sautee the shallots and onions in a little olive oil, add red wine and reduce.
4. Add the vegetable stock and reduce until the thickness of a syrup.
5. Strain the sauce and keep hot. 6 Season the scallops and pan fry with little olive oil until medium done. 7 Place the mashed potato on the plate, top with scallop and garnish with tomato concasse and fresh basil.

INFO: This recipe was provided courtesy of Chef Daniel Green Dusit thani Dubai and Dusit residence Dubai Marina, 04 317 4515

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