More Scandal for Lindsay Lohan!

More Scandal for Lindsay Lohan!

Forced out of her home by a stalker, fighting legal battles and facing financial strife: Lindsay Lohan’s life is in turmoil (again!)
More Scandal for Lindsay Lohan!
Lindsay Lohan

No matter how much Lindsay Lohan tries to lie low, that girl just can’t seem to catch a break. Love her or hate her (and LiLo is pretty sure you hate her), the actress is getting extra helpings of bad press lately. It was reported that the former party girl was seen hitting the bottle at a Screen Actors Guild Awards after-party at Hollywood’s infamous Chateau Marmont hotel, but Linds insists she was just getting her H2O fix and may even sue the media outlet responsible for spreading false rumours. A source told American gossip site TMZ that the actress is looking into legal options with her attorneys as she believes the rumours are ruining any chance she has of saving her career. But is there still a career to be saved, Linds?

Substance abuse headlines are nothing new for LiLo, but another resurfacing scandal involving the star puts her at the scene of a hit-and-run! Lindsay was involved in a car crash back in 2010 and a witness reported that the actress had hit a nanny in the leg while she was pushing a stroller, describing the accident as “full impact” and a “major hit”.

Despite the supposed severity, no police report was filed, but allegedly the nanny, Nubia Del Carmen Preza, is now seeking legal damages, claiming that while the child in the stroller wasn’t injured, she was. Nubia may have difficulty getting compensation out of LiLo though. It’s being reported that the actress owes the US government almost Dhs300,000 in taxes dating back to 2009. Whoops! If she doesn’t pay the money, the government could start seizing her property and possessions.

As if the media spotlight and legal battles weren’t stressful enough, it’s also moving time for Lindsay, thanks to a scary stalker. The actress is selling her house in Venice, California because she doesn’t feel secure after a trespasser showed up on her doorstep. Though he was arrested, Lindsay is still selling and tweeted, “Anyone looking in Venice should see [the house] ASAP because offers are coming in.”

Let’s hope the profits made can cover that tax bill!

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