Meet Monica Pulgarin and Chelsea Gregory from the Hot 100 2013

Meet more trendsetters, visionaries, entrepreneurs and unsung heroes who have made it to this year's Hot 100 list. We give you Monica Pulgarin and Chelsea Gregory
Meet Monica Pulgarin and Chelsea Gregory from the Hot 100 2013
Chelsea Gregory (L) and Monica Pulgarin (R)

It all started at a Zumba class when the instructor and a loyal participant got together and decided to launch their own fitness studio that is a step above the competition.

2012 saw the opening of DanceFit. Tell us about it.
Chelsea (L): We took the formula of Zumba, an infectious blend of dance and fitness, and applied it to other styles of dance like hip-hop and burlesque. Women love it and we are also offering other popular fitness routines.

How did you two meet?
Monica (R): I’d been teaching Zumba classes for about three years in various venues across Dubai and Chelsea was my most loyal client. One day she approached me and asked why I didn’t have a venue of my own. The seed was sown.

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