Marks & Spencer Celebrates 90 Years of Lingerie Expertise

The best of British fashion brings a coveted lingerie collection to the UAE
Tuesday , 27 September 2016
Marks & Spencer Celebrates 90 Years of Lingerie Expertise
Marks & Spencer celebrates 90 years of lingerie!

Did you know that Marks & Spencer sells over 20 million bras a year? Such a whopping number means one thing: the British-born brand knows what a woman really wants from her lingerie - whether it’s with fit or style.

Selling their first-ever bra in 1926, M&S’ lingerie has been front and center of fashion trends, decade after decade. From bras and knickers accentuating the Roaring Twenties’ preferences of boyish figures and flatter chests, to panty girdles pushing for a rounded bottom in the 1960s - M&S has been helping women across the globe look good and feel great with their numerous innovations and best-selling designer collaborations.

To celebrate the 90 years of lingerie expertise, M&S has specially curated a collection, which boasts various essential qualities a modern woman looks for - the perfect fit, elegant designs & luxurious quality and crafting the perfect silhouette. To help you pick the perfect bra fit, they’ve lent a hand in providing 5 essential tips to use the next time you’re out lingerie shopping:

1.Get the band right: Ensure that only two fingers fits under the elastic band, so you don’t eventually wear out the cup shape nor will it dig into your torso.

2. Front and centre: The front of the bra should sit completely flat against your breastbone.

3. On the sidelines: The wires on the side of your bra must be flat and resting comfortably against your ribcage, rather than pinching your skin.

4. Keep it in the cups: There should be no spillage and everything should sit fully in your bra cups

5. Strappy straps: Just like the elastic bands, ensure your straps are adjusted to accommodate at least two fingers stacked on top of each other - preventing any cuts or pinching of skin.   

INFO: View all of Marks & Spencer’s coveted lingerie collection at

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