Madonna says Kanye West is the Black Madge

Did Madonna really just say that?
Monday , 09 March 2015
Madonna says Kanye West is the Black Madge
Soul mates: Madonna feels the same as Kanye

In terms of being compared to some one in the music industry, it's really not that bad a comparison.

Pop superstar Madonna says she feels a special bond with her new collaborator Kanye West, and has even declared the outspoken rapper the "black Madonna". Hmm.

The Material Girl hitmaker teamed up with Yeezy on tracks for her new album, Rebel Heart, and she reveals they were drawn to work with one another due to their provocative natures.

She tells the New York Daily News: "Kanye is the new Madonna. Kanye is the black Madonna." She adds: "We know, and recognise, that we have that (ability to provoke) in common. We're comrades in the envelope-pushing genre."

We think some people may argue that Kanye is the black Dennis the Menace, but hey, if Madge is happy to be likened to him who are we to argue?


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