Kim Kardashian Spotted at Botox Clinic

Has Kim Kardashian started botoxing sooner rather than later?
Sunday , 08 April 2012
Kim Kardashian Spotted at Botox Clinic
Kim leaves Botox salon looking blotchy

Having tried it once on her reality TV show, Kim Kardashian swore she’d never have Botox again – at least not until she was 40. But then last week the 31-year-old was spotted leaving a beauty salon that specialises in Botox with telltale markings on her forehead. Could she have decided to start Botoxing sooner rather than later? Ahlan! recently spoke with TV’s Doctors Ordon and Chopra, who told us about the growing trend for ‘Baby Botox’ – low dosage Botox injections of around 12 units – which is becoming increasingly popular with younger clients who want wrinkle prevention without the frozen face. Say what you like about Kim (we usually do), but there’s no denying she’s a bit of looker. Could Baby Botox be her secret? Several clinics in the UAE offer this service, but it’s essential you check doctors’ credentials and seek customer testimonials and word-of-mouth reviews before going under the needle. We’ve heard good reviews about Cosmesurge (; let us know what you’ve heard at

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