Kardashian intervention: "Rob’s gone too far!"

His shocking attack on Kim yesterday has left the family in shock
ByAndre NevelingTuesday , 24 March 2015
Kardashian intervention: "Rob’s gone too far!"
Rob Kardashian is not a popular brother right now...

We are still a little shocked by Rob Kardashian’s Instagram attack on Kim yesterday, and understandably the Kardashian family is too.

Inside sources told Radar Online that the family feels Rob “has gone too far.” And they’re not happy! “The Kardashian family urged Rob to take down the post, but he refuses to do so,” the source told the site. “At this point, it is too late anyways.”

“No one can believe that Rob would do such a thing as he did this weekend,” the source explained. “It is one thing to talk to the family about how he feels about Kim, but it is a completely different story to put her on blast like he did. Kim would never do such a thing to Rob, or to any of her other siblings for that matter.”

Rob’s friends, however, have come to his defence, telling America’s People Magazine: “He has a funny sense of humour and posts weird things and then deletes them. It's just him.”

We highly doubt Kim finds the whole situation very funny… 


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