Jade Jagger Hosts Hot 100 Bars & Clubs Party

The party queen reveals all on Dubai, her family and partying with Ahlan!
Wednesday , 21 September 2011
Jade Jagger
Jade Jagger
Assisi, Jade and Amba Jagger
Assisi, Jade and Amba Jagger
Mick Jagger with daughter Jade Jagger
Mick Jagger with daughter Jade Jagger
Jade Jagger
Jade Jagger

Socialite Jade Jagger is one of the most important names on the party circuit throughout the world.

After making a huge success of her Jezebel brand, the 40-year-old decided to hop on a plane to Dubai and host our Hot 100 Bars & Clubs party at PEOPLE by Crystal.

Jade is not only renowned for her party organising but also her exquisite jewellery designs and modelling campaigns.

She has two teenage daughters, Assisi and Amba, and is, of course, the daughter of Rolling Stone legend Mick Jagger.

Now, after making a global smash of her Jezebel empire, we are more than just a little bit excited to have the party queen on our doorstep.

Jade couldn’t contain her excitement at being here either, “It’s always exciting to come to Dubai. I have been many times. I love the energy, the flavour and of course the fine weather.” She said. “It’s a wonderful combination of so many cultures, and a city in motion. I look forward to meeting my many friends, and boutiques I work with as well, as of course hosting this Jezebel event with Ahlan!.”

What’s more, Jade is over-the-moon to be associated with our world famous Hot 100 brand and can’t think of a better match than Ahlan! and Jezebel.

Jade says, “Ahlan! is such a great and creative magazine and it’s great to be working with a brand that me and Jezebel have such synergy, I’m honoured to be invited.”

“This is a great opportunity for us and I would love to do more Jezebel parties in Dubai, it’s such a great city, I hope you have us back soon.”

It must always be tough to come from such a famous family. Her dad Mick is a notorious rocker and party don while her mother Bianca is a well-known human rights advocate.

Jade says of her family, “Coming from a large family such as mine has always been a great treasure. It has inspired me to see what an amazing man my father is, and what an inspiration he is to not only me but the world. He is a great father to me and my many siblings and we are a tight-knit close family that like to spend time together.”

“Sometimes it feels like people assume that I only got where I am because of my parents. But, in my heart, I know that this is not true. It has taken inspiration, hard work and perseverance. I feel proud of my achievements and excited as not only Jezebel my music brand, but my Jade Jagger jewellery continues to grow.”

Having such a famous father must have had an effect on how Jade brings up her own children and she can’t emphasise enough how close she is to her two daughters and how far they have come.

Jade adds, “Even though they’re growing up fast we all spend a lot of time together. Assisi is studying science at Middlesex University and I’m very proud of her. Amba, my younger daughter, is finishing her A-levels now after doing very well in her GCSEs. I’ve always placed a lot of importance on the family.”

“Assisi is interested in homeopathy and studying hard, she doesn’t have much time to go out at the moment and I’m so proud of her. Amba is following her love of fashion and spent the summer doing couture courses at Central St Martins.”

Jade clearly knows what’s important in life but she’s also very business minded and is totally switched on to the lucrative market of Ibiza themed parties, weekend mash-ups and spin-off brands like her hugely successful jewellery range, Apollo and Arrows.

Jade says, “We’ve been doing parties all over the world, which has been exciting and fun, we’re working on a compilation CD and hope to release it early next year. I always look forward to finding new talent and playing the newest freshest sounds.”

“I’m just back from fashion week in New York where I launched my new jewellery collections Apollo and Arrows. They were well received and it was exciting to start working in New York again as it was once my home and a place I always find very vibrant and exciting.”

Jade was a delight to have here in Dubai, hosting our Hot 100 Bars & Clubs party, and although she was criticised over her body weight, after being snapped on holiday in Spain last week, it certainly won’t stop her sunbathing in the UAE.

She adds, “I try not to take criticism too personally, after all it’s only one persons perspective.” Good on you Jade!

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