How Celebs Say "I Love You"

How Celebs Say "I Love You"

Be inspired on Valentine’s Day by Celebville’s most romantic gestures and recreate the magic here in the UAE
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How Celebs Say "I Love You"
David Beckham and Victoria Beckham

While most of us would be happy with a bunch of flowers or a box of fancy chocolates from our other half, A-listers tend to think bigger when it comes to showing their loved ones just how much they care. Ahlan! takes a look at the outrageous offerings and OTT romantic gestures of the stars and shows you how to recreate the magic here in the UAE this Valentine’s Day.


The other half: Victoria Beckham

The OTT treat: David apparently spent over Dhs3,675,000 on a Napa Valley vineyard for Victoria’s 34th birthday in 2008, presenting the gift to his wife with a bottle of vino emblazoned with her name. The Beckhams join fellow grape-buffs Gerard Depardieu and Sir Cliff Richard who each own several wineries.

How ‘wow’ was it? Sweet gesture, but we think Vic would have preferred another customised Hermés Birkin.

Did their love last? The Beckhams welcomed little Harper into the world last year and VB credited David as her inspiration when she collected the British Fashion Award for Best Designer Brand in November 2011.

DIY in the UAE
Treat your partner to membership of The Capital Club Wine Society. A gold membership costs Dhs6,000, while Platinum is Dhs15,000. For a more purse-friendly alternative, try a night out at Oscar’s Vine Society, an award-winning bar with a traditional French feel, offering 40 varieties of grape by the glass and more than 100 by the bottle.

INFO: The Capital Club Wine Society,; Oscar’s Vine Society, Crowne Plaza, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, 04 331 1111.

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