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The Quick Fix Diet – Lose 6kg in a Week!
Tried and tested: Does it work? Yes, but it’s hardcore!

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Seared Salmon and Green Mango Salad
The Noodle House team show us how to create a guilt-free Chinese takeaway....

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Victoria's Secret Model Karlie Kloss Tells Us Her Fitness Secrets
Ever wondered how fashion models get into shape? Victoria's Secret Angel...
Dubai-Based Pure Fitness to Offer Mum and Baby Workout Classes
Get back to your pre-pregnancy body without the need for a sitter
How I Stay Fit: Samm Medina Tries TRX and Nuxe
Samm Medina shuns boring workouts and comfort zones to traverse the UAE in...
Taking On Everest With... Maria Conceicao
Get inspired by charity worker Maria Conceicao who's walked seven...

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Gold's Gym brings BodyART to the Middle East for the First Time
Globally popular BodyART classes will be held in the gym's UAE branches
How to Lower Your Risk of Breast Cancer
There are certain steps you can take to reduce the risk
Pink is Punk Swim:Run Breast Cancer Awareness Event is Back to Dubai
Ignite fitness & wellness hosts breast cancer fundraising sports event

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Get Fighting Fit at 40!
Dubai-based personal trainer Amber Inker tells you how to enter your forties...
Target Training: Back
This class targets the often overlooked back muscles ensuring backless...
Want to make that outfit look hot? Then ditch those teeny shoulders for a...
Look like you have legs that go on for days with these strengthening,...

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Fitness Tip of the Week
With personal trainer and diet and food guru Trish Pascual Sanchez
Why Cameron Diaz Carries A Packed Lunch Everywhere
Cameron Diaz reveals that she carries a packed lunch no matter where she goes...
If it feels like you're swallowing shards of glass, try Ahlan! Staff...
Dark Circles Under Your Eyes?
Try potatoes – the cheap but effective remedy hiding in your veg rack
Weight-Loss Wonder: Apple Cider Vinegar
How the old wives’ fave can keep you trim
A Recipe for Good Hair Days
The au naturel way to make your hair red-carpet ready