Gourmet Traveller September

Gourmet Traveller September

Hopping from west to east, food blogger Nausheen Noor brings us an annual grub fest in Hawaii and the best of New York City’s food trucks
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Gourmet Traveller September
NYC’s best food trucks

NYC’s best food trucks
New York City offers a bewildering range of restaurants from the four Michelin star variety to the greasy spoon diners. This is why it may be surprising to see famously busy New Yorkers lining up for food that is being dished out of a truck parked on a street corner. Once the preserve of déclassé kebabs and tacos, food trucks are getting a gourmet makeover in NYC with locally sourced ingredients, artisanal cooking, and some very creative chefs.
Here’s a round-up of some of the best food trucks in New York City. The bonus of eating on-the-go is being able to enjoy the sights while en route to grab some grub.

Schnitzel & Things: This truck dishes out near perfect hand-pounded, lightly breaded thin, cutlets of veal. Traditionally served with Austrian potato salad, cucumber salad and a lemon wedge, their menu puts a creative twist on tradition with such delicacies as sweet roasted beets mixed with white vino shallot vinaigrette and sprinkled with a tangy feta cheese.

Kimchi Taco: Founder Phillip Lee had a desire to share his love for Korean food with the world. He realised that everyone loves portable food and the idea for the Kimchi Taco truck was born. Options include a culinary first, the falafel kimchi Taco, a vegetarian option made with tofu and edamame. Also popular is the Kim-Cheesesteak, the Philly cheesesteak inspired sandwich that is served with melted cheese and kimchi.

Rickshaw: Celebrity chef Anita Lo is the brains behind this popular food truck. Their specialties include the chicken and Thai basil dumpling with spicy peanut sate dip and even a chocolate dumpling for dessert.

Coolhaus: Not your average ice cream truck, this vehicle serves two freshly baked cookies sandwiching a cool, creamy ice cream filling. There are 14 varieties of cookies and over 60 flavours of ice cream that you can mix and match to create your perfect combo. Try the salted chocolate cookies with white Russian ice cream with or the coconut almond cookies with mango saffron sorbet.

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