Gourmet Travel: Bali

Kitsch Cupcakes co-founder Dalia Dogmoch takes us on a tasty tour or Bali
Mozaic’s signature dish
Mozaic’s signature dish
Dalia Dogmoch
Dalia Dogmoch

What is your favourite food destination?
I have so many favourites, it’s hard to pick the top foodie spot! From growing up in Paris – the food capital – to rustic Tuscany, amazing locations in Spain, the list goes on and on… But I’ll pick the exotic island of Bali because I was truly surprised to find such culinary bliss there.

When did you go to Bali?
Last summer we decided to do a ladies-only trip and spent ten days in gorgeous Bali.

What is the Balinese signature style of food that you really enjoyed eating?
Indonesian cuisine and the food of Bali is exotic, spicy yet refined and delicate. They offer an exquisite choice of satays, interesting salads, meat and seafood dishes as well as delicious desserts.

What was your favourite restaurant in Bali?
Mozaic in Ubud. A Michelin-starred restaurant with an Indonesian twist where the French/ Moroccan Chef Salans constantly changes the menu. The food and the setting are absolutely divine!

What foodie tips did you learn from your trip?
I went to the food market with one of the local chefs, which was an incredible experience. I saw foods I had never seen before!

How have they been incorporated into your own cooking at home?
I learned a few traditional dishes from an amazing chef, a spice paste which is used as a base in many of their dishes, as well as a delish green papaya salad, lovely satay, a fish curry and steamed

What lessons did you learn from your foodie trip to Bali that readers can incorporate into their own dishes?
We live in the UAE, a place where exotic produce is abundant. After returning from Bali, I realized how diverse our food markets are – just look at the fresh fruit and vegetables we have available to us. So I decided to fully take advantage of the UAE as such a diverse culinary place and experiment with unusual ingredients to create fabulous dishes!

INFO: Dalia Dogmoch is the co-founder of kitsch cupcakes and the author of www.daliaskitchen.com