Get Katy Perry's Perfect Body

The low-down on how Katy Perry keeps her body in tip-top-pop shape!

She’s got one of the hottest careers in the business, matching music records set by the legendary Michael Jackson, wowing fans across the globe on sell-out tours, and snapping up industry accolades on a seemingly weekly basis. But 28-year-old Katy Perry works just as hard at keeping her spectacular curves in award winning shape – and  here’s how!

Diet: In a bid to buff  up for her wedding to Russell Brand last October, Katy chose to follow Hollywood fave The Five Factor diet – but unlike many new brides, she’s stuck to her pre-wedding regime for the long haul.

Devised by celebrity personal trainer Harley Pasternak, the plan encourages you to eat five small meals a day, work out five times a week, and ditch all the naughty treats, replacing them with wholefoods, lots of fruit and veg, and lean proteins.

“It is just a very nice, organic diet where you eat stuff like brown rice instead of white rice,” says Katy. “Brown is a bit boring and white is all sugary and delicious. I am missing the naughty foods a bit.”

The diet has basic rules. The five meals are each made up of five simple ingredients from five groups; protein, like chicken breast or seafood; low-to-moderate GI carbohydrates, like green veg, beans, sweet potatoes and wild rice; fibre, like wholegrains; healthy fats, like oily fish or flaxseed oil; and sugar-free beverages.

“A typical day’s diet would be an egg white omelette with a bowl of berries, an apple cinnamon smoothie, a chopped salad, three-bean BBQ chips and a seafood stir-fry for dinner,” says Pasternak. Sounds yummy!

Fitness: With a hectic schedule that involves touring the globe, attending award ceremonies and showbiz parties, and being a supportive wife as hubby Russell launches his film career, it’s often hard for 5’7” Katy to squeeze in a workout. But she aims for the recommended five exercise sessions a week spelled out by Pasternak to ensure she can fit into the array of fabulous designer dresses she owns – including many by Dubai’s very own fashion star, Furne One.

“Her goal is to look amazing – always,” says Harley. “She works out as often as she can; she’s a busy woman but her goal is five times a week.”

Katy does a 25-minute circuit workout that incorporates cardio exercise, ab work and upper and lower body strength training. “I hate working out, but I love jumping rope; it’s like dancing. I can double jump, I can cross, I can do all of it. I look like Rocky!” she laughs. “Yesterday, instead of going shopping, I went to the gym. It is mostly for me; I’m doing it for energy so I don’t pass out on stage.”

What's her advice?

Before brown rice came along, Katy admits her diet was far from perfect, and loved nothing more than to indulge in fast food: “My fave things were barbeque chicken chop at CPK Chinese, chicken salad at Chinchins and my beloved double double at In-N-Out Burger” she revealed. But with a wardrobe like Katy’s who needs burgers to make them happy, eh?

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