Esquire's Best Dressed Men of the Middle East

Esquire's Best Dressed Men of the Middle East

Here's a sneak peek into the wardrobes and minds of the most stylish men in the region
Esquire's Best Dressed Men of the Middle East
MR POCOCK WEARS: Pierre Cardin coat, Maison Martin Margiela for H&M waistcoat, Lanvin shirt, Alexander McQueen scarf, Maison Martin Margiela trousers, Marc Jacobs shoes, Persol sunglasses and Rolex watch

John Pocock
Nationality: British
Occupation: Photographer and stylist

Describing his personal style, the clothes he loves and the fact that his grandfather is his style icon, you don’t have to hear his accent to realise photographer John Pocock hails from the UK. A man who blends classicism with

2013 contemporary when it comes to his wardrobe (this man seriously looks like he’s just stepped out of street style blog The Sartorialist), Pocock is a lover of Sunspel — a quintessentially British brand that has supplied James Bond with his sartorial elegance throughout the years.

However, when John’s out in the field with his camera and equipment he often has to scale down his wears. “If I’m up to my ears in sand dunes then I’ll probably opt for desert boots, jeans and a utility-style short.” Recoiling at the thought of his grunge days

(“I grew my hair shoulder-length, wore long leather coats and was inevitably nicknamed ‘Jesus John’”), Pocock has thankfully moved on from his fashion foibles to become a truly dapper modern-day gentleman.

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