The Diet Charts!

We take at look at the world’s most popular diets! Which one will you try?
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The Diet Charts!
Atkins Diet – A favourite of Rihanna’s

• Atkins Diet – A favourite of Rihanna’s, The Atkins Diet focuses
on controlling the levels of insulin in the body. It cuts out carbohydrates but allows you to eat protein and good fats.
• The Zone Diet – Jennifer Aniston’s favourite, The Zone Diet allows you to eat a nutritional balance of 40 per cent carbs, 30 per cent fats and 30 per cent protein. There’s lots of nuts, avocado and healthy fats such as olive oil.
• Vegetarian Diet – This one is Anne Hathaway’s fave. The vegetarian diet involves eating no meat or animal-based foods. It’s also thought to increase life expectancy.
• Weight Watchers Diet – Many of us are familiar with the Weight Watchers diet plan. Once you sign up, the idea is to count your ProPoints, which will allow you to achieve a balanced diet and, with any luck, sustain your weight loss.
• South Beach Diet – Perhaps the least known of the top diets, The South Beach diet has a host of supporters, including Nicole Kidman. It is formed of three phases. First you cut out carbs, then you gradually replace the bad carbs and fat with good ones. Simple!

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