Derek Khan

The consultant to the elite
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Derek Khan
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Ten years from now… I expect I’ll be preparing for my demise!

With a strong history of carving out the bling-tastic images of A-listers such as Mary J Blige, P Diddy and Aretha Franklin back in the day, Derek possesses the types of connections that can get a celebrity to attend your event, or track down a rare diamond if you see one that tickles your fancy. However, Derek admits that 10 years ago, it was this same very fast and luxurious life that threatened to consume him after he found himself back in his native home of Trinidad with just $10 in his pocket. 

Drawing on his spirit of survival and perpetual optimism, Derek seized the opportunity to rebuild his life when he moved to Dubai in 2007. It was here that he began his road to redemption by living by the best piece of advice he feels that he has ever received. “Someone once told me to live life to the fullest but to be guided by your conscience. It’s a principle I have abided by ever since.” Although money was tight, his newfound integrity saw his portfolio of high-profile clients flourish once more, and this time instead of just using his network for personal gain, Derek has also managed to bridge the gap between East and West, by facilitating the introduction of Microsoft magnate Bill Gates to the Sultan of Oman; one of his proudest achievements of 2013.

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