Celeb Baby Body Bouncebacks!

Celeb Baby Body Bouncebacks!

From Jessica Simpson to Mariah Carey, check out the celebs who started their diets in the delivery room!
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Celeb Baby Body Bouncebacks!
Jess hit the gym to lose the baby weight!

Look at Jessica Simpson! OK, so she’s not magically transformed herself into Heidi Klum, but respect, she’s done pretty well to knock off 40lb since giving birth to Maxwell Drew earlier this year [1 May]. The new mum appeared on US chat show Katie [10 September] with host Katie Couric to show off the results of her Weight Watchers diet, which netted her US$4 million (Dhs15 million) for her trouble, and she didn’t look half bad.

Talking to Couric in her first interview since Maxwell’s birth, Jessica, who’s not known for her smarts, said, “During pregnancy, I didn’t really think about it. I thought whenever my water broke my whole entire stomach would go down but that did not happen.”

Er, no Jess, that’s not how it works, love. She continued, before her big bucks Weight Watchers ad (shot from the neck up!) aired, “I feel like what made me eat more is my hormones and breast-feeding. I’ve never wanted chocolate more in my life. I’ve really had to focus on my diet and concentrate on what I’m putting in my body.”

Jess dished to Access Hollywood, “The easiest way to get motivated is to strip naked and look in the mirror. It’s not fun to be talked about. It’s not fun to be judged. The very first time I got on the scale in my Weight Watchers meeting, my heart was pounding because I had no idea how much I weighed. I was always the girl who stood on the scale backwards because I didn’t want to face it.” Quite right, Jess! And she isn’t alone. Check out the other T’Towners who struggled to shift their baby weight in the public eye.

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