Carine Roitfeld Reveals Her Stylish Life in Her New Documentary Mademoiselle C

Carine Roitfeld Reveals Her Stylish Life in Her New Documentary Mademoiselle C

Ex-Vogue Paris Editor and style muse Carine Roitfeld will unveil her new docufilm Mademoiselle C at this year’s Abu Dhabi Film Festival. Ahlan! got a sneak preview and can reveal the movie’s most unforgettable fashion moments…
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Carine Roitfeld Reveals Her Stylish Life in Her New Documentary Mademoiselle C
© Carine Roitfeld Reveals Her Stylish Life in Her New Documentary Mademoiselle C
Carine Roitfeld Reveals Her Stylish Life in Her New Documentary Mademoiselle C

As the Editor of Vogue Paris, Carine Roitfeld had the job every woman dreams of, but in 2010, after 10 years in the role, she gave it up and went on to create her own magazine CR Fashion Book. In her new documentary, Mademoiselle C, we get an amazing glimpse into her stylish life and see Carine hanging out with celeb friends and on the job, directing fashion shoots with some of the world’s most famous designers and photographers (who also happen to be her BFFs, obvs). This not-to-missed movie is as much a fashion essential this season as the latest ‘it’ bag. Anyone who’s anyone in fashion will be watching it, and here Ahlan! presents the most memorable moments from what’s being billed as the fashion film of the year...

1. Carine’s Secret Filming at The Met Ball
In 2012 Carine attended New York’s most stylish event of the year, The Met Ball. It’s widely known that after the red carpet arrival, cameras are banned inside the gala. But that didn’t stop Carine filming some secret footage on her phone of what really goes on inside! Carine revealed how she partied with Beyoncé, Kanye West, Rooney Mara, Alicia Keys and James Franco, who were all seated at her table. What a lucky lady! 

2. Karl Lagerfeld Gets Down With the Kids
Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld is a close friend of Carine’s, so you can imagine his delight when the style muse’s daughter, Julia, arrived at his studio with her newborn baby, Romy Nicole. Karl, who is normally very reserved, was quick to grab the pram off the glowing mother and take the baby for a stroll around, declaring, “She’s cute but she doesn’t talk much!” Carine was impressed with the encounter saying: “It’s great to see Karl with children!”

3. Carine & Kanye Sitting on the Frow
We already know Kanye West thinks of himself as a bit of a stylista, but who knew he had Carine’s ear? As Kanye sat next to her on the front row at last year’s Paris Fashion Week, the two chatted away about Kanye’s own designs. “I think I will start to really love my collection after four or five seasons,” said Kanye. Shame he stopped designing after that year! 

4. Tom Ford & Carine Create a Fairytale
We discover in the film that Carine and designer Tom Ford are great friends. The two collaborated on an incredible Sleeping Beauty-themed shoot where Tom not only directed and styled, he also took on the role of photographer too. The pair worked fantastically together to create a unique fashion story. Tom said of Carine: “I’m better when I work with her, she makes me try things I wouldn’t necessarily try otherwise. Carine is my perfect woman.” 

5. SJP Praises Carine
When Carine collaborated with Karl Lagerfeld last year on their Little Black Jacket exhibition, there was a huge celeb turnout for the launch in Tokyo. Carine herself was there in the Japanese city to support the exhibition and mingle with celebrity guests, but it was Sarah Jessica Parker who took time out of her evening to congratulate the fashion icon. “You did a beautiful job on the collaboration – absolutely wonderful,” Sarah Jessica gushed at Carine, at which the magazine editor looked thrilled! 

6. Lara Stone Becomes an Angel
Lara Stone is described as Carine’s favourite model in the film, so perhaps that’s why she chose to feature the beauty in the launch issue of her magazine CR Fashion Book. We see Lara turned into an angel in the stunning photo shoot, and then felt sorry for Carine’s two assistants who had to clear up the hundreds of feathers that were used on the set! That’s suffering for art. 

7. Kate Upton Gets Sassy
Kate Upton was the unusual choice for the cover of CR Fashion Book. The curvy model was chosen by Carine and renowned photographer Bruce Weber to create a playful shoot that used real babies and animals! Carine describes Kate as “sexy but in a different way, and that’s what makes her interesting.” 

8. Carine’s Star-Studded Ball
As if she didn’t have enough on her plate with launching her own magazine, Carine decided to put on a charity ball and fashion show during the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. A host of celebs, including Kim and Kanye Cara Delevingne, and Sharon Stone attended the event, which saw every outfit on the catwalk auctioned off for a grand total of €320,000 (nearly Dhs1.6 million). 

INFO: Mademoiselle C debuts at 9pm, Wed, 30 Oct, VOX Cinemas, Marina Mall Abu Dhabi 

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