Blake Lively's Never Going to Wear Sweatpants

Newly-married Blake Lively fesses that she'd wear a ballgown to the grocery store if she could
Blake Lively's Never Going to Wear Sweatpants
Blake Lively

Newlywed Blake Lively is famed for her ever on-trend ensembles, mixing luxury fashion pieces with high street brands. Blake says she loves dressing up, and doesn't feel herself in casual attire.

"I never want to slob around in sweatpants - it just doesn't make me happy," she explained in an interview with British magazine more!

"I love to dress up, even when I cook. If I could wear a ballgown to the grocery store if I could."

Blake’s outfits vary depending on where she is in the world. The 25-year-old beauty likes to experiment with her look when she travels.

"It's honestly different everywhere I go. When I was living in France last year - I went to French school there - I wore these big Panama hats and long, flowing floral numbers," she said.

"When I visit New Orleans, I wear things more high-waisted and old-timey. Everywhere I go I subconsciously think, 'If Audrey Hepburn were doing a movie here, what would her character wear?' I'm always playing a different fashion character."

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