Best School

Best School

Al Yasmina School gets a hurrah
Best School
Winner: Al Yasmina School

Al Yasmina School
From the littlest ones attending the foundation stage through to the oldest secondary school pupils at Al Yasmina, all are taught the school’s basic core values – to have high standards in schoolwork and behaviour and to be respectful and trusting of each other at all times. These values have helped create an environment which really helps children flourish, both academically and personally, giving them the opportunities to pursue their ambitions and develop their own unique set of skills with numerous extracurricular activities. The students, who come from all across the world, get the chance to learn in a truly international setting.
INFO: Al Yasmina School, 02 501 4888,

Al Yasmina School
2. GEMS American Academy Abu Dhabi
3. American Community School Abu Dhabi
4. International School of Choueifat Abu Dhabi
5. American International School of Abu Dhabi

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